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Charles Lloyd lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Of Course, Of Course (0000) 01. Of Course, Of Course [add]
02. The Song My Lady Sings [add]
03. The Best Thing for You [add]
04. The Things We Did Last Summer [add]
05. Apex [add]
06. One for Joan [add]
07. Goin' to Memphis [add]
08. Voice in the Night [add]
09. Third Floor Richard [add]
10. East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) [*] [add]
11. Island Blues [*] [add]
12. Sun Dance [*] [add]

The Flowering (0000) 01. Speak Low [add]
02. Love-In/Island Blues [add]
03. Wilpan's [add]
04. Gypsy '66 [add]
05. Goin' to Memphis/Island Blues [add]

A Night in Copenhagen (0000) 01. Lotus Land (To Thakur and Trane) [add]
02. Lady Day [add]
03. El Encanto [add]
04. Third Floor Richard [add]
05. Night Blooming Jasmine [add]

Fish out of Water (0000) 01. Fish Out of Water [add]
02. Haghia Sophia [add]
03. The Dirge [add]
04. Bharati [add]
05. Eyes of Love [add]
06. Mirror [add]
07. Tellaro [add]

Notes From Big Sur (0000) 01. Requiem [add]
02. Sister [add]
03. Pilgrimage to the Mountain, Pt. 1: Persevere [add]
04. Sam Song [add]
05. Takur [add]
06. Monk in Paris [add]
07. When Miss Jessye Sings [add]
08. Pilgrimage to the Mountain, Pt. 2: Surrender [add]

Acoustic Masters I (0000) 01. Blues for Bill [add]
02. Clandestine [add]
03. Sweet Georgia Bright [add]
04. Lady Day [add]
05. Green Chimneys [add]
06. Strivers Jewels [add]
07. Hommage [add]
08. To C.L. [add]

The Call (0000) 01. Nocturne [add]
02. Song [add]
03. Dwija [add]
04. Glimpse [add]
05. Imke [add]
06. Amarma [add]
07. Figure in Blue, Memories of Duke [add]
08. The Blessing [add]
09. Brother on the Rooftop [add]

All My Relations (0000) 01. Piercing the Veil [add]
02. Little Peace [add]
03. Thelonious Theonlyus [add]
04. Cape to Cairo Suite (Hommage to Mandela) [add]
05. Evanstide, Where Lotus Bloom [add]
06. All My Relations [add]
07. Hymne to the Mother [add]
08. Milarepa [add]

Canto (0000) 01. Tales of Rumi [add]
02. How Can I Tell You [add]
03. Desolation Sound [add]
04. Canto [add]
05. Nachiketa's Lament [add]
06. M [add]
07. Durga Durga [add]

Discovery! The Charles Lloyd Quartet (1964) 01. Forest Flower [add]
02. How Can I Tell You [add]
03. Little Peace [add]
04. Bizarre [add]
05. Days of Wine and Roses [add]
06. Sweet Georgia Bright [add]
07. Love Song to a Baby [add]
08. Ol' Five Spot [add]

Dream Weaver (1966) 01. Autumn Sequence [add]
02. Dream Weaver [add]
03. Bird Flight [add]
04. Love Ship [add]
05. Sombrero Sam [add]

Forest Flower: Live in Monterey (1966) 01. Forest Flower - Sunrise [add]
02. Forest Flower: Sunset [add]
03. Sorcery [add]
04. Song of Her [add]
05. East of the Sun [add]
06. Sombrero Sam [add]
07. Voice in the Night [add]
08. Pre-Dawn [add]
09. Forest Flower '69 [add]

Charles Lloyd in Europe (1966) 01. Tagore [add]
02. Karma [add]
03. Little Ahahid's Day [add]
04. Manhattan Carousel [add]
05. European Fantasy [add]
06. Hej Da! [add]

Journey Within (1967) 01. Lonesome Child [add]
02. Journey Within [add]
03. Love No. 3 [add]
04. Memphis Green [add]
05. Sombrero Sam [add]
06. Voice in the Night [add]
07. Pre-Dawn [add]
08. Forest Flower '69 [add]

Love-In [live] (1967) 01. Tribal Dance [add]
02. Temple Bells [add]
03. Is It Really the Same? [add]
04. Here, There and Everywhere [add]
05. Love-In [add]
06. Sunday Morning [add]
07. Memphis Dues Again/Island Blues [add]

Charles Lloyd in the Soviet Union (1967) 01. Days and Nights Waiting [add]
02. Sweet Georgia Bright [add]
03. Love Song to a Baby [add]
04. Tribal Dance [add]

Soundtrack (1969) 01. Sombrero Sam [add]
02. Voice in the Night [add]
03. Pre-Dawn [add]
04. Forest Flower '69 [add]

Moon Man (1970) 01. Moonman I [add]
02. I Don't Care What You Tell Me [add]
03. Sermon [add]
04. Sweet Juvenia [add]
05. Heavy Karma [add]
06. Hejira: Prayer/Exile/Journey/Hurrikit/Forever [add]
07. Ship [add]
08. Moonman II [add]

Weavings (1978) 01. Island Girl [add]
02. Walk in Beauty [add]
03. You Know I Love You [add]
04. Ken Katta Ma Oom (Bright Sun upon You) [add]
05. Your Heart Never Lies [add]
06. Weavings [add]
07. Life Worth Living [add]
08. Sailin' [add]

Big Sur Tapestry (1979) 01. Big Sur Tapestry [add]
02. Homage to the Universe [add]

Montreux (1982) [live] (1982) 01. Call [add]
02. Wind in the Trees [add]
03. Very Early [add]
04. Michel [add]
05. Forest Flower: Sunrise/Sunset [add]

In Concert [live] (1994) 01. Days and Nights Waiting [add]
02. Lady Gabor [add]
03. Sweet Georgia Bright [add]

Voice in the Night (1999) 01. Voice in the Night [add]
02. God Give Me Strength [add]
03. Dorotea's Studio [add]
04. Requiem [add]
05. Pocket Full of Blues [add]
06. Homage [add]
07. Forest Flower: Sunrise/Sunset [add]
08. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]

The Water Is Wide (2000) 01. Georgia [add]
02. The Water Is Wide [add]
03. Black Butterfly [add]
04. Ballade and Allegro [add]
05. Figure in Blue [add]
06. Lotus Blossom [add]
07. The Monk and the Mermaid [add]
08. Song of Her [add]
09. Lady Day [add]
10. Heaven [add]
11. There Is a Balm in Gilead [add]
12. Prayer [add]

Hyperion With Higgins (2001) 01. Dancing Waters, Big Sur to Bahia [add]
02. Bharati [add]
03. Secret Life of the Forbidden City [add]
04. Miss Jessye [add]
05. Hyperion With Higgins [add]
06. Darkness on the Delta Suite: Mother Where Art Thou/Robert Johnson ... [add]
07. Dervish on the Glory B [add]
08. The Caravan Moves On [add]

Lift Every Voice (2002) 01. Hymn to the Mother [add]
02. You Are So Beautiful [add]
03. Amazing Grace [add]
04. East Virginia, West Memphis [add]
05. What's Going On [add]
06. Angel Oak [add]
07. Te Amar? [add]
08. I'm Afraid [add]
09. Hafez, Shattered Heart [add]
10. Rabo de Nube [add]
11. Blood Count [add]
12. Go Down Moses [add]
13. Beyond Darkness [add]
14. Nocturne [add]
15. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
16. Deep River [add]
17. Lift Every Voice and Sing [add]
18. Prayer, The Crossing [add]

Which Way Is East (2004) 01. What Is Man: The Forest [add]
02. What Is Man: Being and Becoming [add]
03. What Is Man: Civilization [add]
04. What Is Man: Sea of Tranquility [add]
05. Divans: Prayer, Sanctuary [add]
06. Divans: Supreme Love Dance [add]
07. Divans: A Wild and Holy Band [add]
08. Salaam: Oh, Karim [add]
09. Salaam: Akhi [add]
10. Salaam: Ya, Karim [add]
11. Salaam: Tagi [add]
12. All This Is That: Hanuman's Dance [add]
13. All This Is That: Sky Valley [add]
14. All This Is That: Blues Tinge [add]
15. All This Is That: Atman Alone Abides [add]
16. Desire: Wild Orchids Bloom [add]
17. Desire: Advaita [add]
18. Desire: Chomolungma [add]
19. Devotion: Sally Sunflower Whitecloud [add]
20. Devotion: My Lord, My Lord [add]
21. Devotion: Windy Mountain [add]
22. Devotion: Through Fields and Underground [add]
23. Light of Love: Mi Corazon [add]
24. Light of Love: Beloved, Chimes at Midnight [add]
25. Light of Love: Take a Chance [add]
26. Surrender: Perfume of the Desert [add]
27. Surrender: Benares [add]
28. Surrender: Amor [add]
29. Surrender: Forever Dance [add]
30. Surrender: Bis [add]

Jumping the Creek (2005) 01. Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away) [add]
02. Ken Katta Ma Om (Bright Sun Upon You) [add]
03. Angel Oak Revisited [add]
04. Canon Perdido [add]
05. Jumping the Creek [add]
06. The Sufi's Tears [add]
07. Georgia Bright Suite: Pythagoras at Jeckyll Island/Sweet Georgia ... [add]
08. Come Sunday [add]
09. Both Veils Must Go [add]
10. Song of the Inuit [add]

Sangam [live] (2006) 01. Dancing on One Foot [add]
02. Tales of Rumi [add]
03. Sangam [add]
04. Nataraj [add]
05. Guman [add]
06. Tender Warriors [add]
07. Hymne to the Mother [add]
08. Lady in the Harbor [add]
09. Little Peace [add]

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