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Michael Quatro lyrics
Genre: Rock
Paintings (1972) 01. Paintings [add]
02. Time Spent in Dreams [add]
03. Circus (What I Am) [add]
04. Each Day I Want You More [add]
05. Life [add]
06. Rachmaninoff's Prelude [add]
07. Detroit City Blues [add]
08. Court of the Crimson King [add]

In Collaboration with the Gods (1975) 01. In Collaboration With the Gods [add]
02. Get Away [add]
03. Rachmaninoff's Prelude [add]
04. Sweet Lovin' [add]
05. Ave Rock Maria [add]
06. Prelude in a Flat Crazy II [add]

Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers and Schemers (1976) 01. Children of Tomorrow [add]
02. Stripper [add]
03. One by One [add]
04. Rollerbach [add]
05. Circus (What I Am) [add]
06. Ancient Ones [add]
07. Pure Chopin [add]
08. Adagio [add]
09. Touch of Class [add]

Gettin' Ready (1977) 01. Hollywood (Hallucination) [add]
02. It's Only a Love Song [add]
03. Trouble in Paradise [add]
04. Last Man Alive [add]
05. Get You Ready for Love [add]
06. I'm Winning [add]
07. Rockin' All Night Long [add]
08. Wild One [add]

Vision (1995) 01. The Ocean Song [add]
02. Since I Met You [add]
03. Quatro's Adagio [add]
04. Wrong Reasons [add]
05. Vision [add]
06. One Chance [add]
07. Spell Bound [add]
08. Seven Nites [add]
09. Somebody [add]
10. Queen [add]
11. Strut [add]
12. Can't Turn Away [add]

Romantic-Classical-New Age (2004) 01. Song of the Sea [add]
02. Love Theme [add]
03. Love Theme (Reprise) [add]
04. Space Reggae [add]
05. Heather (Piano) [add]
06. The Shepherd King (Orchestra) [add]
07. He's My Joy [add]
08. Song of the Sea (Reprise) [add]
09. Tommy Walker [add]
10. Tommy Walker (Reprise) [add]
11. The Shepherd King (Piano) [add]
12. Little Carolers [add]
13. The King [add]
14. Heather (Orchestra) [add]
15. The Shepherd King (Piano II) [add]
16. Starlight [add]
17. Fountain of Life [add]
18. Starlight (Belle of the Ball) [add]
19. Starlight (Belle of the Ball - Live Vocal) [add]

Song of the Sea (2004) 01. The Sentry [add]
02. Starlight [add]
03. Song of the Sea [add]
04. Love Theme [add]
05. Love Theme (Reprise) [add]
06. Yuletide [add]
07. Everytime (Vocal 1) [add]
08. Everytime (Vocal 2) [add]
09. Come, The Magi [add]
10. Giver of Light [add]
11. Set Sail My Son (Jazz Arr.) [add]
12. Jamie's Song [add]
13. Kaitlin's Lullaby [add]
14. The Sentry (Reprise) [add]

The Shadow of the King (2005) 01. He's My Joy [add]
02. Yuletide Memories [add]
03. O Holy Night [add]
04. The Centurion (Inst) [add]
05. The Most Precious Gift [add]
06. Fountain of Life [add]
07. The Little Carolers (Inst) [add]
08. Ave Maria [add]
09. Heather [add]
10. Christmas Child [add]
11. The Children's March (Inst) [add]
12. My Open Heart [add]
13. Yuletide (Inst) [add]
14. The Little Carolers [add]
15. Honor the Lord [add]
16. The Shepherd King [add]
17. Come, The Magi (Inst) [add]
18. The King [add]
19. I Need Your Love [add]
20. Amazing Grace [add]

Heavenward (2005) 01. Heavenward [add]
02. The Father's Smile [add]
03. Heaven Bound (Goin' to Heaven) [add]
04. Two Steps (From Givin' Up) [add]
05. Carolyn's Song [add]
06. Diane's Lullaby [add]
07. Tommy Walker [add]
08. My Open Heart [add]
09. Love Theme (I Wanna Go Home) [add]
10. Michael's Medley [add]
11. Giver of Light [add]
12. Come the Magi [add]
13. The Lord of Light [add]
14. Snow Dance [add]
15. The Journey (Echoes of Hope) [add]
16. You Give Your Love [add]
17. Amazing Grace [add]

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