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The Soil Bleeds Black lyrics
Genre: Rock
May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged (2004) 01. This Is a Tale... [add]
02. Enter the Green Knight [add]
03. To Strike One Stroke for Another [add]
04. Twelvemonth of Fear for the Coming Year [add]
05. Rejoice [add]
06. Victory Is Mine! [add]
07. Foreshadow [add]
08. Now Sets off a Noble Knight [add]
09. Sorrow with Summer Comes [add]
10. Sir Gawain Bores His Emblem Bright [add]
11. Across Country He Rides for the Table Round [add]
12. A Castle Most Comely [add]
13. We Welcome Thee, Sir Gawain [add]
14. There Was Meat, There Was Mirth, There Was Much Joy [add]
15. The Good Host's Deal [add]
16. The Lord, His Host, Leads the First Hunt [add]
17. Fair Pastimes They Pursue [add]
18. She Kisses the Night So True [add]
19. With Many a Brave Blast They Boast Their Prize [add]
20. Sweet Melody [add]
21. Gallant and True Is the Sir Gawain Still [add]
22. Off to the Wood Away [add]
23. Gracious Gawain Gives Thanks... [add]
24. Now the New Year Draws Near [add]
25. In His Richest Raiment [add]
26. That Princely Steed [add]
27. Warning from the Man That Rode Nearby [add]
28. The Chapel Green [add]
29. What a Place Accursed [add]
30. Strike Once More [add]
31. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [add]
32. The Green Knight Fails at the Third Throw [add]
33. Hony Soyt Qui Mal Pense [add]
34. Gawain Sets out Anew [add]

Mirror of the Middle Ages (2005) 01. Ring Around the Rosey [add]
02. So Saith the Song of Sigurd [add]
03. Kyrie Eleison [add]
04. Pastime With Good Company [add]
05. Solus Maestitia Desperatio [add]
06. Tempus Est Iocundum [add]
07. Jubilation of Earthly Delights [add]
08. Veni, Veni, Emmanuel [add]
09. In Taberna Quando Sumus [add]
10. Palastinalied [add]
11. Dum Pater Familias [add]
12. Palastinalied [21st Century Remix] [add]

Quintessence (2005) 01. Earthe [add]
02. Air [add]
03. Fyre [add]
04. Water [add]
05. Quintessence [add]

Alchemie (2006) 01. Magia Naturalis [add]
02. Luna Begets Mercury [add]
03. Winter Marriage [add]
04. Make Not Vain the Cup Thou Drankest [add]
05. Mineralia [add]
06. Moonburn [add]
07. Lapis Philosophorum [add]
08. Fire of the Sacred Seal [add]
09. Jongleurs in a Threefold [add]
10. Silver Song [add]
11. Dethrone the Wounded King [add]
12. Some Sweet Sorrow Did Her Heart Distraine, Act 1 [add]
13. Earthe Took of Earthe [add]
14. Take Me There [add]
15. A Hymn to Thy Lady [add]

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