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Alan Barnes lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Old Hands, Young Minds (0000) 01. Moonglow [add]
02. Boar-Jibu [add]
03. Everything Happens to Me [add]
04. The Very Thought of You [add]
05. Passion Flower [add]
06. Wabash [add]
07. From This Moment On [add]
08. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
09. The Intimacy of the Blues [add]

Play Harold Arlen: A Sleepin' Bee (1996) 01. My Shining Hour [add]
02. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
03. Last Night When We Were Young [add]
04. I've Got the World on a String [add]
05. If I Only Had a Brain [add]
06. This Time the Dream's on Me [add]
07. When the Sun Comes Out [add]
08. A Sleepin' Bee [add]
09. As Long as I Live [add]
10. Ill Wind [add]
11. Don't Like Goodbyes [add]
12. Down with Love [add]
13. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [add]

Yesterdays (1997) 01. I Told Every Little Star [add]
02. Yesterdays [add]
03. Bill [add]
04. The Folks Who Live on the Hill [add]
05. All the Things You Are [add]
06. They Didn't Believe Me [add]
07. Dearly Beloved [add]
08. Look for the Silver Lining [add]
09. Smoke Gets into Your Eyes [add]
10. Pick Yourself Up [add]
11. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
12. Long Ago and Far Away [add]

A Dotty Blues (1998) 01. Birdland [add]
02. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
03. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [add]
04. A Dotty Blues [add]
05. Somebody Loves Me [add]
06. Who Can I Turn To? [add]
07. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
08. The Way You Look Tonight [add]
09. All the Things You Are [add]
10. Savoy Blues [add]
11. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
12. More Than You Know [add]
13. It Had to Be You [add]
14. Put on a Happy Face [add]

Summertime (2000) 01. Art's Oregano [add]
02. Summertime [add]
03. Freeman of London [add]
04. Di's Waltz [add]
05. The Bluebird of Delhi [add]
06. Tico Tico [add]
07. Street of Dreams [add]
08. Black and Tan Fantasy [add]
09. Don't Be That Way [add]
10. Early Autumn [add]
11. The Hawk [add]
12. Autumn Nocturne [add]
13. Charlie the Chulo [add]
14. The Haunted Melody [add]
15. Zoot [add]

The Pollwinners Playing Girl Talk (2000) 01. Girl Talk [add]
02. Once in Love with Amy [add]
03. When Joanna Loved Me [add]
04. I Thought About You [add]
05. Laura [add]
06. Gertrude's Bounce [add]
07. Emaline [add]
08. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [add]
09. Larue [add]
10. Tangerine [add]
11. A Portrait of Jennie [add]
12. Liza [add]
13. Girl Talk [add]

Manhattan (2001) 01. Crafty [add]
02. 2degrees East, 3degrees West [add]
03. Manhattan [add]
04. Jigsaw [add]
05. The Star Crossed Lovers [add]
06. St. Vitus' Dance [add]
07. The Trip [add]
08. Landscape [add]
09. Sun on Stairs [add]
10. I'll String Along with You [add]
11. Blues on the Beach [add]

If You Could See Me Now (2003) 01. Five Brothers [add]
02. In the Middle of a Kiss [add]
03. If You Could See Me Now [add]
04. Samba Dees Days [add]
05. Prelude to a Kiss [add]
06. Bouncing with Bud [add]
07. Mangos [add]
08. Mad About the Boy [add]
09. Someone to Watch Over Me [add]
10. Red Door [add]
11. Suzie the Poodle [add]

Better Late Than Never (2003) 01. Lets Facer the Music and Dance [add]
02. Mood Indigo [add]
03. B [add]
04. O Grande Amour [add]
05. One for Bruce [add]
06. Chelsea Bridge [add]
07. Better Late Than Never [add]
08. Donna Lee [add]
09. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
10. Lazybird [add]
11. Below Zero [add]
12. Raincheck [add]

Swingin' the Samba (2003) 01. La-Teen-O [add]
02. Limbo Jazz [add]
03. Swingin' the Samba [add]
04. Favela [add]
05. Chittlins Con Carne [add]
06. Rio Pakistan [add]
07. Los Caracoles [add]
08. Hold 'Em Joe [add]
09. South of the Border [add]
10. Maria Moca [add]
11. Chorando Baizinho [add]

Sherlock Holmes Suit (2003) 01. 221B Play On [add]
02. Narration [add]
03. The Game Is Afoot [add]
04. Narration [add]
05. Watson [add]
06. Narration [add]
07. The Tiger of San Pedro [add]
08. Narration [add]
09. The Napoleon of Crime [add]
10. Narration [add]
11. The Dancing Men [add]
12. Narration [add]
13. Grimpen Mire [add]
14. The Hound of the Baskervilles [add]
15. Narration [add]
16. The Baker Street Irregulars [add]
17. Narration [add]
18. Sherlock Holmes - Quite a Three Pipe Problem [add]
19. Narration [add]
20. The 7% Solution [add]
21. Narration [add]
22. Lestrade of the Yard [add]
23. Narration [add]
24. Watson's Women [add]
25. Narration [add]
26. The Sussex Vampire [add]
27. Narration [add]
28. 221B [Full Version] [add]

Stablemates (2004) 01. Stablemates [add]
02. It Only Happens When I Dance with You [add]
03. The Duke [add]
04. The Sound of Music [add]
05. Steeplechase [add]
06. 'Round Midnight [add]
07. Strollin' [add]
08. One for Clifford [add]
09. Shadow Waltz [add]
10. Love Letters [add]
11. Line for Lyons [add]

Songs for Unsung Heroes (2004) 01. Blue Note [add]
02. Throwing out the Vinyl Blues [add]
03. Watlz for Sonny [add]
04. Slim's Chicken [add]
05. The Ballad of Miles Davis [add]
06. The Motorway Jump [add]
07. The Power of Prez [add]
08. Love Song for a Slob [add]
09. The Rhythm Method [add]
10. Rhyme Time [add]
11. Dinner Jazz [add]
12. Swallows on the Water [add]
13. Everybody's Got to Be Somewhere [add]

Yeah! (2005) 01. Yeah! [add]
02. Tokyo Blues [add]
03. Baghdad Blues [add]
04. Lonely Woman [add]
05. The Cape Verdean Blues [add]
06. Opus de Funk [add]
07. Horascope [add]
08. Peace [add]
09. Juicy Lucy [add]
10. Seņor Blues [add]
11. Finger Poppin' [add]

The Marbella Jazz Suite (2005) 01. Serenade to an Anchovy [add]
02. Dama de Noche [add]
03. La Faraona [add]
04. Joe Church Blues [add]
05. Orange Square Dance [add]
06. Alameda Shuffle [add]
07. California Fish Fry [add]
08. What'd You Say Last Night to Freddie Green [add]

Blessing in Disguise (2006) 01. Monk's Dream [add]
02. Pannonica [add]
03. Blessing in Disguise [add]
04. A Child Is Born [add]
05. Little Rootie Tootie [add]
06. Day Dream [add]
07. Reflections [add]
08. Lisa [add]
09. Way to Go Out [add]

Barnestorming (2007) 01. I Hear Music [add]
02. Barnestorming [add]
03. Twins [add]
04. If There's a Sky Above [add]
05. In the Doghouse [add]
06. This Is Always [add]
07. Baby 'M' [add]
08. Sweet Lorraine [add]
09. With a Mellotone [add]

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