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Prince Charming lyrics
Genre: Rock
Psychotropical Heatwave (1996) 01. Stroboscopis Searchlights Sweeping Tidepools of Parasites [add]
02. Crews of Crazed Contortionists Infected Egyptologists Absorbed in ... [add]
03. Eclipsed by Sadness Sitting by Myself in the Park Introspectively ... [add]
04. Like a Flickering Celluloid Moonbeam on the View Screen [add]
05. Psychotropical Heatwave: Eating Sweetheart Valentine Candygram Vertebr [add]
06. Spider Monkey Snuff Flicks of Black Magic Projectionists [add]
07. Jump Cut to: Synchronously Swimming Sleek, Glistening Jellyfish ... [add]
08. Juke Joint Pipe Dreams Ominous Unkempt Sinister Landcsapes of ... [add]
09. Shrouded Wraithlike Rain Cloud Sentinel Dragon Lobster Skydemonphantom [add]
10. Psychotropical Heatwave: Everything Goes When the Whistle Blows... [add]
11. Hot Dripping Zippers Unzipping in Lost in the Clouds of Billowing ... [add]

Fantastic Voyage (1998) 01. Daydream, Do You Wanna Hit of Ketamine? [add]
02. Dr. Detroit [add]
03. Magic Lanterns of Perversion [add]
04. Vagabond of Love [add]
05. My Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye [add]
06. We Bouncin Couch, on the Slouch for the Pouch [add]
07. Bush Gardens [add]
08. Metamorphosizing Motel Room Marquerades [add]
09. Iconoclastiphia [add]
10. Black Goat of the Woods With 1000 Rainbow Eyes [add]
11. Prince Charming's Aleph [add]
12. Fantastic Voyage (A Short Tretise on the Strange Occurances of ...) [add]
13. Midnight Massacre/Whoreship in the Temple [add]
14. A Very Special Offer [add]
15. Sacrament [add]
16. Fresh Prince of Belle Isle [add]
17. Transendental Expectorations [add]
18. Daytona 2024 (Bikini Beach Work Out and Massage) [add]
19. Sexual Supercollider [add]

Songs For My Therapist (2006) 01. Lie to Girls [add]
02. Playboy Mansion [add]
03. Stripper [add]
04. Ms. Parks [add]
05. Dick [add]
06. Swimsuit Model [add]
07. Precious [add]
08. NASCAR Driver [add]
09. Modern Day Love Story [add]
10. Say My Name [add]
11. I'm the Man [add]

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