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Eight to the Bar lyrics
Genre: Rock
Behind the Eight Ball (1999) 01. I'm Trumpin [add]
02. Party Life [add]
03. Twistin' in the Wind [add]
04. If My Mama Could See Me Now [add]
05. All Talk No Action [add]
06. I Want to Rock [add]
07. Jump, Jive, An' Wail [add]
08. Better Luck Next Time [add]
09. Hold Tight [add]
10. Them There Eyes [add]
11. Ain't That Love [add]
12. Nagasaki [add]

Hey Sailor! (2001) 01. She's the Most [add]
02. Hey Sailor [add]
03. The Existential Boogie [add]
04. I'm Here to Tell You [add]
05. Why Can't You Dance (With Me Like That) ? [add]
06. Mean Old Frisco [add]
07. So Rare [add]
08. Well All Right (Tonight's the Night) [add]
09. All of These Things [add]
10. He Ain't Got Rhythm [add]
11. Mean Street [add]
12. I'm Obsessed [add]
13. Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar [add]

Beat Me Rockin' (2001) 01. Rockin' at Midnight [add]
02. Make Her Mine [add]
03. My Body's Got a Mind of It's Own [add]
04. Mood Swing [add]
05. Beat Me Rocking [add]
06. Demon Rum [add]
07. Wonderful One [add]
08. Piece of Your Mind [add]
09. Reet Petite [add]
10. Cow Cow Boogie [add]
11. Sing, Sing, Sing [add]

Superhero Swinger Undercover (2003) 01. Superhero Swinger Undercover [add]
02. My Boogie Woogie Hand [add]
03. It's a Groove [add]
04. Maybe Someday [add]
05. Sugar High [add]
06. My Old Flame [add]
07. Reptile Man [add]
08. The Shelf [add]
09. Troubles Drift Away [add]
10. Romeo [add]
11. Skeleton Key [add]
12. I'm My Own Grandpaw [add]
13. Set You Free [live] [add]

No Intermission (2004) 01. Sweetness [add]
02. Jammin' [add]
03. More Than Words [add]
04. Intermission 1 (Jam) [add]
05. Drive [add]
06. I've Gotta Get a Message to You [add]
07. Intermission 2 (Jam) [add]
08. With or Without You [add]
09. Clamp Down [add]
10. On Your Mind [add]
11. Intermission 3 (Jam) [add]
12. Chop Suey [add]
13. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling [add]

You Call This Swing? (2005) 01. Rock and Roll [add]
02. Hello, I Love You [add]
03. Living in the USA [add]
04. Rag Doll [add]
05. Synchronicity II [add]
06. White Rabbit [add]
07. Ticket to Ride [add]
08. Low Down [add]
09. Satisfaction [add]
10. Young Americans [add]
11. Foxey Lady [add]
12. I Want You [add]

The Joint Is Jumpin'! (2005) 01. No Doubt in My Mind [add]
02. Play It on Your Saxophone [add]
03. I Wanna Rock [add]
04. Hold Tight [add]
05. Cold, Cold, Cold [add]
06. Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar [add]
07. I Heard It Through the Grapevine [add]
08. It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing [add]
09. Sing, Sing, Sing [add]
10. Demon Rum [add]
11. Heart Like a Lion [add]

Swingin' School (2005) 01. Jumpin' at the Woodside [add]
02. Swingin' School [add]
03. Nagasaki [add]
04. When Your Baby Don't Love You No More [add]
05. Cold, Cold, Cold [add]
06. Standin' at the Crossroads [add]
07. St. Louis Blues [add]
08. If My Mama Could See Me Now [add]
09. Happy Happy Birthday Baby [add]
10. Lightnin' Strikes [add]

Redheads of Rhythm (2005) 01. Set You Free [add]
02. Standing at the Crossroads [add]
03. Young Man's Fool [add]
04. Tell Mama [add]
05. When Your Baby (Loves You No More) [add]
06. No Doubt in My Mind [add]
07. 60 Minute Man [add]

Something Old, Something New, Something Rhythm, Something Blues (2006) 01. T'Ain't What You Do [add]
02. Clean Up Woman [add]
03. (Not Another) Love in Vain [add]
04. River Deep, Mountain High [add]
05. Soul Serenade [add]
06. Boot 'Em Up [add]
07. Cold, Cold, Cold [add]
08. You Can't Make Me [add]
09. (Get Up I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine [add]
10. These Arms of Mine [add]
11. Short Life of Trouble [add]
12. Tell Me What I Did Wrong [add]
13. Do You Wanna Jump, Children? [add]

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