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Radium88 lyrics
Genre: Electronica
A Valuable Addition to Our Modern Lifestyle (2000) 01. UFO [add]
02. Freak Planet [add]
03. The Virus Has Been Released [add]
04. Help Yerself [add]
05. Everything Looks Normal Now [add]
06. A Fistful of Radium [add]
07. They're Here [add]
08. Don't Just Stand There [add]
09. Retina Scan [add]
10. Surviving the Big One [add]
11. The Possibility of Interference [add]
12. Life Imitates Television [add]
13. Peace Is Our Profession [add]

Artificial Life (2002) 01. Life Is Now [add]
02. Icarus [add]
03. Watch the Skies [add]
04. Gypsies in Tha House [add]
05. Headlong [add]
06. Phatt Wah [add]
07. The People With the Power [add]
08. Chances Are [add]
09. Disenchanted [add]
10. Worlds Collide [add]
11. White Noise [add]
12. Spacedub Odyssey [add]
13. Crash and Burn [add]

Metamorphosis (2004) 01. The Deep End [add]
02. Metamorphosis [add]
03. Before It Disappears [add]
04. All That Shines [add]
05. Repeat Until True (1) [add]
06. Dust [add]
07. The Illusion of Control [add]
08. She's All There [add]
09. Happiness Is My Default Position [add]
10. Exile from Planet 8 [add]
11. Faith and Wonder [add]
12. Repeat Until True (2) [add]
13. Until the End of Time [add]

Wow! Infotainment! (2005) 01. The Myth of Independence [add]
02. Safe Alone [add]
03. Big Push [add]
04. Dream 2 [add]
05. Faith and Wonder [Reduced Mix] [add]
06. The Future Sound of Arkansas [add]
07. Help Yerself [Konsumer Elektronik Remix] [add]
08. Weird Pink Radiation [add]
09. Insecure [add]
10. Pablo's on the Porch Swing [add]
11. Astronaut [add]
12. Oh Brother! [add]
13. Sergio! [add]
14. Theme from Wow! [add]
15. You May Not Get What You Deserve [add]
16. Nostalgia for a Time That Never Was [Futuristic Mix] [add]
17. Sleepwalk [add]
18. Lifelong [add]

Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth (2007) 01. Let There Be Lite [add]
02. Nocturne [add]
03. Sleepwalk [Warm Fuzzy Mix] [add]
04. Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth [add]
05. The Man Who Invented Himself [add]
06. And the Deep Blue Sea [add]
07. Nostalgia for a Time That Never Was [add]
08. Sometimes They Get into the Machines [add]
09. The Sound of Light [add]
10. Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep End [add]
11. Lullaby [add]
12. Two Four Sorrow [add]
13. Your Message Has Been Erased [add]
14. Rising Tide [add]
15. Infinity Is Everywhere [add]
16. Enter Hyperspace [add]

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