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Karin Krog lyrics
Genre: Jazz
We Could Be Flying (0000) 01. We Could Be Flying [add]
02. Meaning of Love [add]
03. Sometime Ago [add]
04. All I Want [add]
05. Sing Me Softly of the Blues [add]
06. Raindrops, Raindrops [add]
07. Lament [add]
08. Hold Out Your Hand [add]
09. Time to Go [add]

Jazz Moments (1966) 01. I Got Your Number [add]
02. Old Folks [add]
03. All of You [add]
04. Baby Won't You Please Come Home [add]
05. Glad to Be Unhappy [add]
06. Dearly Beloved [add]
07. I Can't Get Started [add]
08. Just in Time [add]
09. Body and Soul [add]

Joy (1968) 01. Mr. Joy [add]
02. Karin's Mode [add]
03. Round About Midnight [add]
04. Maiden Voyage/Lazy Afternoon [add]

Some Other Spring (1970) 01. Some Other Spring [add]
02. Blue Monk [add]
03. How Insentive [add]
04. Blues Eyes [add]
05. Jelly Jelly [add]
06. I Wish I Knew [add]
07. Evrybody's Somebody's Fool [add]
08. Shiny Stockings [add]
09. Ode to Gentle Joe [add]
10. Some Other Spring [add]
11. Blue Monk [add]
12. Shiny Stockings [add]

You Must Believe in Spring (1974) 01. You Must Believe in Spring [add]
02. Ask Yourself Why [add]
03. I'll Wait for You [add]
04. Watch What Happens [add]
05. Once Upon a Summertime [add]
06. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? [add]

Cloud Line Blue (1978) 01. Alone Song [add]
02. New Spring [add]
03. Eyeless in Movement [add]
04. Jonathan [add]
05. Empty Streets [add]
06. Cloud Line Blue [add]
07. Edge Pipe [add]

Two of a Kind (1982) 01. My Man [add]
02. Jeepers Creepers [add]
03. You Must Believe in Spring [add]
04. The Touch of Your Lips [add]
05. The End of the Day Song [add]
06. I Ain't Here [add]
07. Like That [add]
08. Halleluja I Love Him So [add]
09. Spring in Manhattan [add]
10. Love Walk In [add]
11. Dear Bix [add]
12. I'm Coming Virginia [add]
13. Ain't Nobody's Business [add]
14. Cabin in the Sky [add]
15. A Child Is Born [add]

Bluesand (1999) 01. Air on the G String [add]
02. The Nightengale [add]
03. Ribbon of Sand [add]
04. Sombre Woods [add]
05. Voice Shadow [add]
06. It Could Be Hip [add]
07. Don't Just Sing [add]
08. Sas Blues [add]
09. So Blue [add]
10. Bluesand [add]
11. Hidden Dreams [add]
12. Secret Games [add]
13. Fly Away [add]

Where Flamingos Fly (2003) 01. Where Flamingos Fly [add]
02. Prelude to a Kiss [add]
03. Once I Loved [add]
04. Last Night When We Were Young [add]
05. I'm Shadowing You [add]
06. I'll Be Seing You [add]
07. Caravan [add]
08. Everything Happens to Me [add]
09. Northern Sun [add]
10. Cry Me a River [add]
11. K.C. Blues [add]
12. Everytime We Say Goodbye [add]

Where You At (2003) 01. The Meaning of Love [add]
02. Where You At? [add]
03. Lazy Afternoon [add]
04. It Could Be Hip [add]
05. Speak of Love [add]
06. Canto Mai [add]
07. Saharan [add]
08. You Say You Care [add]
09. Kaleidoscopic Vision [add]
10. Missing Calada [add]
11. Gloomy Sunday [add]

Seagull (2006) 01. Sweet Talker [add]
02. La Calada [add]
03. Lament [add]
04. My Shining Hour [add]
05. The Seagull [add]
06. Northern Sun [add]
07. Don't Get Around Much [add]
08. Jubilee [add]
09. Canto Mai [add]
10. Don't Just Sing [add]
11. Angel Eyes [add]
12. You'd Better Love Me [add]

Sweet Talker: The Best of Karin Krog (2006) 01. You'd Better Love Me [add]
02. Nice Work If You Can Get It [add]
03. Ribbon on Sand [add]
04. Canto Mai [add]
05. Soul Eyes [add]
06. Shiny Stockings [add]
07. La Calada [add]
08. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
09. Lester's Happy [add]
10. Meaning of Love [add]
11. Blues in My Heart [add]
12. Stardust [add]
13. Just One of Those Things [add]
14. Where Flamingos Fly [add]
15. Break of Day in Molde [add]
16. Raindrops, Raindrops [add]
17. Empty Streets [add]
18. Someone to Watch Over Me [add]
19. You Must Believe in Spring [add]
20. Northern Sun [add]
21. Alone Song [add]
22. Bluesand [add]
23. I'll Wait for You [add]
24. My Man's Gone Now [add]
25. Ask Yourself Why [add]
26. Gloomy Sunday [add]
27. Sweet Talker [add]
28. Watermelon Man [add]
29. Sann Lager Man Pop-Plater [Previous Unreleased] [add]
30. Watermelon Man Remix [add]

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