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Central Band of the Royal Air Force/Eric Banks lyrics
Genre: Marches
Strike Up the Band (1987) 01. Strike up the Band [add]
02. Hora Staccato [add]
03. Marche Lorraine [add]
04. A Mozart Rondo [add]
05. Arromanches [add]
06. Autumn Leaves [add]
07. Festmusik Der Stadt Wien [add]
08. Pocession of the Nobles [add]
09. Prelude 'Richard Iii' [add]
10. March [add]
11. Stardust [add]
12. The Britisher [add]
13. Prince of Wales March [add]
14. Stage Centre [add]
15. Festive Overture [add]

On Tour [live] (1995) 01. 633 Squadron [add]
02. Duke Ellington Selection [add]
03. The Post Horn Galop [add]
04. Us Armed Forces Medley [add]
05. The Sheik of Araby [add]
06. Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 [add]
07. Turkish Rondo [add]
08. Spitfire Prelude [add]
09. Dambusters March [add]
10. Evening Hymn and Sunset [add]
11. Royal Air Force March Past [add]

Fiesta (1998) 01. The Battle of Britain [add]
02. Light Cavalry Overture [add]
03. Irish Tune from Country Derry [add]
04. O Fortuna [add]
05. Theme from Schindler's List [add]
06. French Military March [add]
07. Anthem [add]
08. St. Martin [add]
09. Fiesta! [add]
10. Toccata in D Minor [add]
11. Carnival [add]
12. Sing, Sing, Sing [add]
13. The Dam Busters [add]
14. Hora Staccato [add]
15. Molto Ritmico [add]

Mighty Voice (1999) 01. Sinfonietta No 2: Overture [add]
02. Sinfonietta No 2: Serenade [add]
03. Sinfonietta No 2: Finale [add]
04. Old English Suite [add]
05. Pantomime [add]
06. Delta Dances: River Song [add]
07. Delta Dances: Ragtime [add]
08. Delta Dances: New Orleans Can Can [add]
09. Delta Dances: Negro Spiritual [add]
10. Mountain Song [add]
11. The Mighty Voice [add]

Heroes of the Air (1999) 01. Battle in the Air [add]
02. March [add]
03. Prelude [add]
04. Fugue [add]
05. The Wind [add]
06. The Vision of Leonardo Da Vinci [add]
07. Stunting [add]
08. Over the Arctic [add]
09. Gliding [add]
10. March - Conquest of the Air [add]
11. Prelude: Into Battle [add]
12. Quiet Interlude [add]
13. Battle of Britain March "Ultimate Victory" [add]
14. Prelude [add]
15. Herbrides [add]
16. U-Boat Alert [add]
17. Taking off at Night [add]
18. Hudsons Take off from Iceland [add]
19. Dawn Patrol [add]
20. The Battle of the Beauforts [add]
21. Finale [add]

Marches of the Royal Air Force (2003) 01. Royal Air Force March Past [add]
02. The Jolly Airman [add]
03. Aircrew on Parade [add]
04. High Flight [add]
05. Skywatch [add]
06. Flying Review [add]
07. With Pomp and Pride [add]
08. Strike Command March Past [add]
09. The Tornado [add]
10. Aces High [add]
11. Royal Air Force College March [add]
12. Songs of the Early Airmen [add]
13. The Acorn [add]
14. Call to Adventure [add]
15. Royal Air Force Association March [add]
16. The Newcomers [add]
17. Militant Miss [add]
18. The Skywriter [add]
19. Keepers of the Peace [add]
20. Radio [add]
21. The Jaguar [add]
22. Royal Air Force Regiment March Past: Holyrood [add]
23. Per Ardua Ad Astra [add]
24. Grand March Raf [add]

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