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Genre: Jazz
Right Down Your Alley (0000) 01. Right Down Your Alley [add]
02. Limbo [add]
03. Paucartambo [add]
04. Tapajack [add]
05. Stomping on Enigmas [add]
06. Portrait of Mark Dresser [add]

Old Bottles, New Wine (0000) 01. Love Me or Leave Me [add]
02. Bohemia After Dark [add]
03. La Rosita [add]
04. Ow! [add]
05. In a Mellow Tone [add]
06. Laird Baird [add]
07. Wine lyrics

Blues Bred in the Bone (0000) 01. Blues Bred in the Bone [add]
02. 53rd and Greenwood [add]
03. Mona Lisa [add]
04. Datune [add]
05. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]
06. Hemlines [add]
07. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire [add]

What Because (0000) 01. Alligatory Crocodile [add]
02. Let's Fall in Love [add]
03. The Warm-Up [add]
04. Intro/I'm Just a Lucky So-And-So [add]
05. What Because [add]
06. Off Peak [add]
07. Raven-A-Ning [add]
08. Waltz for Peace [add]

Don't Mow Your Lawn (0000) 01. Don't Mow Your Lawn [add]
02. Diddleybop [add]
03. Damaged But Good [add]
04. Alligatory Pecadillo [add]
05. What'cha Gonna Do With That [add]
06. Airwaves [add]
07. Blow Your Own Horn [add]
08. Disguise the Limit [add]

Heads and Tales (0000) 01. Hunting and Gathering [add]
02. Heads and Tales [add]
03. Matters of the Heart [add]
04. Unsuing Songs [add]
05. Cheek to Cheek [add]
06. Tapajack [add]
07. Tough Guy [add]
08. Road Song [add]
09. Drink and Blather [add]

It Just So Happens (1987) 01. Once in a While [add]
02. It Just So Happens [add]
03. Ross the Boss [add]
04. Elegy for Joe Scott [add]
05. La Vie en Rose [add]
06. Once in a While [alternate take] [add]
07. Raven's Jolly Jump Up [add]
08. Fatelet [add]
09. Fishin' With Gramps [add]

Wishbone (1990) 01. The Gahtooze [add]
02. Ah Soca [add]
03. Duke Ellington's Sound of Love [add]
04. Comes Love [add]
05. Cape Horn [add]
06. Cheek to Cheek [add]
07. Wishbone Suite: Wish for the Earth/Wish for the Folks/Wish for the SP [add]

Every One of Us (1992) 01. Funkalific [add]
02. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? [add]
03. Kinda Garnerish [add]
04. Muddy and Willie [add]
05. Snoo Tune (For Anabel) [add]
06. Lady Day [add]
07. Dear Lord [add]

Big Band Record (1994) 01. Lips Apart [add]
02. Anabel at One [add]
03. My Wish [add]
04. Raven-A-Ning [add]
05. Leo's Place [add]
06. Seven Monsters [add]
07. Waltz for Phoebe [add]
08. The Literary Lizard [add]
09. Don't Mow Your Lawn [add]

Azurety (1994) 01. Open House [add]
02. Azurety [add]
03. B & D [add]
04. March of the Hipsters [add]
05. Heights [add]
06. Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) [add]
07. A B & D [add]
08. The Waters Dixon Line [add]

Alligatory Band (1994) 01. Don't Mow Your Lawn [add]
02. Diddleybob [add]
03. Damaged But Good [add]
04. Alligatory Pecadillo [add]
05. What'cha Gonna Do With That [add]
06. Airwaves [add]
07. Blow Your Own Horn [add]
08. Disguise the Limit [add]

Cheer Up (1995) 01. No Return [add]
02. My Children Are the Reason Why I Need to Own My Publishing [add]
03. Tabasco Cart [add]
04. Like Silver [add]
05. Cheer Up [add]
06. Buckethead [add]
07. Melancholy Mood [add]
08. New H.G. [add]
09. Hence the Reason [add]

Sliderride (1995) 01. Sweeps [add]
02. Miles [add]
03. Again Raven [add]
04. Lotus Blossoms [add]
05. The Jeep Is Jumpin' [add]
06. Shadowgraph 5 [add]
07. Shadow Catchers [add]
08. Unison [add]
09. Four Some [add]
10. Oclupaca [add]
11. In Time Out [add]

Funkorific (1998) 01. Pheromonical [add]
02. Runnin' Round [add]
03. Mirror Mirror [add]
04. Damaged but Good [add]
05. Hammond Eggs [add]
06. Monkey Talk [add]
07. I'm Not a Spy [add]
08. Funkorific [add]
09. Willie & Muddy [add]

Where Home Is: Ray Anderson's Pocket Brass Band (1999) 01. Bimwa Swing [add]
02. The Alligatory Abagua [add]
03. The Mooche [add]
04. I Mean You [add]
05. Where Home Is [add]
06. Peace in Our Time [add]
07. The Pineapple Rag [add]

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