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Kamikaze Ground Crew lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Scenic Route (1992) 01. Duke's Entrance [add]
02. Al Tattooed and Cynthia Green [add]
03. Funeral Oration [add]
04. Chorales for America: Chorale [add]
05. Chorales for America: Canon [add]
06. Chorales for America: Subterranean [add]
07. Chorales for America: Birds and Bottles [add]
08. Chorales for America: Walkabout [add]
09. The Mystery Song [add]
10. House Rockas (Bobby Woodruff and The) [add]
11. Tango [add]
12. Diamonds Are Just Glass [add]
13. Follow the Ducks [add]
14. The Milkmaid [add]
15. Brass Trio [add]
16. March of the Floties [add]
17. Fred and Rick [add]
18. Funeral Procession [add]

Madame Marie's Temple of Knowledge (1993) 01. Cowboys [add]
02. Some Wild Water [add]
03. Tears and Tango [add]
04. A Man, A Plan... [add]
05. Poppa Dance [add]
06. Blue Lake Dances [add]
07. Cloud [add]
08. Baby Doll Lounge [add]
09. Too Much Time in Brooklyn [add]
10. Homage au Soleil: Chorale [add]
11. Homage au Soleil: You are My Sunshine [add]

Kamikaze Ground Crew (1998) 01. Overture: The Phoenix/Jungle Interlude/Ituri Circus/The New ... [add]
02. Alabama Song [add]
03. Wendy's [add]
04. Fanfare [add]
05. The Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
06. Fanfar - "5" [add]
07. Blue Wheels [add]
08. Stupid Song [add]
09. Wa Wa Wa [add]
10. Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic [add]
11. Grushome (The Cannonball Juggler) [add]
12. Fanfare [add]
13. What? [add]
14. Desert Funk [add]
15. Thunder and Blazes [add]
16. Turn Your Lights Off [add]

Covers (2000) 01. Morning in Bhutan [add]
02. Capricorn [Based on Tierkreis # 12] [add]
03. Electric Ladyland [add]
04. Leo [Based on Tierkreis # 7] [add]
05. Redite [From "Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear"] [add]
06. Huey Smith Medley: Blow Wind Blow/Rockin' Pneumonia [add]
07. Easter Sunday [add]
08. Epilogue [add]

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