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Desecration lyrics
Genre: Rock
Murder in Mind (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Murder in Mind [add]
03. Impaled [add]
04. Cerebral Annoxia [add]
05. Stillborn Climax [add]
06. Beyond Recognition [add]
07. Bathroom Autopsy [add]
08. Victimised [add]
09. I.S. [add]
10. Obscene Publication [add]
11. Crave for Rot [add]

Inhuman (2000) 01. Insane Savagery [add]
02. Turning Black [add]
03. Dig Up, Dig In [add]
04. Asphyxiate on Blood [add]
05. Life of Gore [add]
06. Inhuman [add]
07. Another Obscene Publication [add]
08. Death You'll Face [add]
09. Killer Row [add]
10. A Message to the Censor [add]

Gore and Perversion (2003) 01. Raping the Corpse [add]
02. Human Gore [add]
03. Penile Dissection [add]
04. It Can't Be My Grave [add]
05. Dead Bitch in the Skip [add]
06. No More Room in the Freezer [add]
07. Mutilated Genitalia [add]
08. Immense Suffering [add]
09. To Kill with a Drill [add]
10. Pharaonic Circumcision [add]
11. Coprophiliac Connoisseur [add]
12. Fontanelle Fornication [add]
13. I.A.I. [add]

Process of Decay (2005) 01. When the Heart Stops Beating.... [add]
02. Initial Decav [add]
03. Bacteria Breakdown [add]
04. Black Putrefaction [add]
05. Butyric Fermentation [add]
06. Maggots in Evidence [add]
07. Corpse Fauna [add]
08. Dry Rot [add]
09. Gravewax [add]

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