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Bob Moses lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Devotion (0000) 01. Autumn Liebs [add]
02. Heaven [add]
03. Radio [add]
04. Snake and Pygmy Pie [add]
05. St. Elmo [add]
06. Portsmoutth Figurations [add]
07. Christmas '78 [add]
08. Devotion [add]

When Elephants Dream of Music (0000) 01. Trevor [add]
02. Picole and Lulu [add]
03. Everybody Knows You When You're up and In [add]
04. Lava Flow [add]
05. Happy to Be Here Today [add]
06. For Miles [add]
07. Embraceable Jew [#] [add]
08. Bugs Bunny [#] [add]
09. Black Orchid [add]
10. Disappearing Blues [add]
11. Ripped Van Twinkle [#] [add]
12. Blame It on the Egg [add]
13. The River [add]

Visit with the Great Spirit (0000) 01. Fan Man [add]
02. Deepest Blue [add]
03. Machu Picchu [add]
04. Visit With the Great Spirit [add]
05. Monktional [add]
06. Carinho [add]
07. Suite Bahia [add]

Time Stood Still (0000) 01. Prelude [Simul-Circular Loopology in a Minor] [add]
02. Felonious Thunk [add]
03. Time Stood Still (Africa and Back in a Day) [add]
04. Jaco [add]
05. Gregarious Chants [add]
06. Elegant Blue Ghosts (Dance Like Clouds Over Mean Street U.S. A) [add]
07. Lost in Your Eyes [add]
08. Word from the Ra [add]
09. Mbira Tanzania [add]
10. Black East Blues [add]
11. Deusa Do Amour [add]
12. Once in a Blue Moon [add]
13. Prayer [add]

Bittersuite in the Ozone (1975) 01. Mfwala Myo la La [add]
02. glitteragbas Solo [add]
03. Bittersuite in the Ozone/Aldona Green Yello and Mostly Blue/Little ... [add]
04. Message to the Music Bizness [add]
05. Stanley Free [add]

Family (1980) 01. Autumn Liebs [add]
02. Heaven (Dedicated to Duke Ellington) [add]
03. Christmas '78 [add]
04. Portsmouth Figurations (Dedicated to Roy Haynes) [add]
05. Devotion (Dedicated to John Coltrane and Malcolm X) [add]

The Story of Moses (1987) 01. Overture: Go Down Moses [add]
02. Pharaoh's Song [add]
03. Moses Floats Down the Nile [add]
04. Hebrew's Blues [add]
05. Song of Moses [add]
06. Love Theme [add]
07. Burning Bush [add]
08. Roots Run Deep, Spirits Fly High [add]
09. The Ten Plagues [add]
10. Ju Ju Eyes [add]
11. Red Sea [add]
12. The Edge of Need (The Rain of Bread) [add]
13. Mount Sinai [add]
14. Exodus (Dedicated to Bob Marley) [add]
15. Song of Moses [add]

Love Everlasting (2000) 01. Love Everlasting [add]
02. The Lioness [add]
03. Elephant Song [add]
04. Earth Changes [add]
05. Fatherhood [add]
06. Naima [add]

Nishoma (2000) 01. Lagrimas de Alegria [add]
02. Visit With the Great Spirit/El Visionario [add]
03. Zawag [add]
04. Caravan to the Stars [add]
05. Moon Dew [add]
06. Greta's Last Journey [add]
07. Always Love You [add]
08. African Violet [add]
09. Ask Me Now [add]
10. Gone [add]
11. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]

Drumming Birds (2003) 01. Entrance to the Hall of the Drummer King [add]
02. Mozamba [add]
03. Nana? Nono. Nene! [add]
04. Boat Song, Pt. 1 [add]
05. Boat Song, Pt. 2 [add]
06. Weildin' for D Sharpe [add]
07. Rumble in the Jungle [add]
08. Tempest, Sandstorm [add]
09. Jabba the Hut Strut [add]
10. Laughing Drummers in the Park, On Mars [add]

Love Animal (2003) 01. Wholy Moses [add]
02. The Worms Crawl in Blues [add]
03. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
04. Ntumba's Raindance [add]
05. Rock Fantasy [add]
06. Nowhere [add]
07. Slum Funk [add]
08. Dancing Bears [add]

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