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Club Foot Orchestra lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Wild Beasts (1986) 01. Elk's Dance Hit [add]
02. Visions [add]
03. Wild Beasts [add]
04. Hip Hopi [add]
05. Chinese Flowers [add]
06. Time Axe Bag Dad [add]
07. Suerte de la Noche [add]

Metropolis [live] (1991) 01. Metropolis [add]
02. Workers' Chourus [add]
03. Stadium, Eternal Garden of Pleasure & Maria's Gaze [add]
04. Industry, Theme of the Acient Slaves, the City [add]
05. Joh Frederson [add]
06. Four Views of Metropolis [Collective Improvisation] [add]
07. Rebellion [add]
08. Door V [add]
09. Yoshiwara [add]
10. Rotwang's House [add]
11. "Will These Ten Hours Ever End?" [add]
12. Desent to the Catacombs [add]
13. The Story of Babel [add]
14. Love in the Catacombs [add]
15. Rotwangs Visage [add]
16. Cathedral [add]
17. Abduction in Imbroglio [add]
18. Claustrophobia [add]
19. Descent Into Madness [add]
20. Dance and Hallucination [add]
21. Riot II [add]
22. Trance & Fire [add]
23. Climax [add]
24. Aftermath [add]
25. Pool of Thanatos [add]

Sherlock Jr. & Felix (1995) 01. Moonlight [add]
02. In the Theatre [add]
03. The Sheik/Buster Sweeps Up [add]
04. SKipping [add]
05. Tango [add]
06. Pawn Ticket Rag [add]
07. A Shattering Revelation [add]
08. Search Everyone [add]
09. Sadness [add]
10. You Got To Move [add]
11. Shadow Your Man [add]
12. As A Detective He Was All Wet [add]
13. The Dream Begins [add]
14. Buster Decides To Act [add]
15. Dream Door [add]
16. Garden Wall [add]
17. Tristan's Door [add]
18. Mountain Blues [add]
19. Lions [add]
20. Iron Horse [add]
21. A Private Island [add]
22. Now Know Flutes Snow [add]
23. The Bedroom Door Of The Bourgeoisie/Stolen Pearls/The Crime Crushing ... [add]
24. Sherlock Steps Out [add]
25. Motorcycle Chase [add]
26. Agent Double O Sherlock [add]
27. The Sinking Criminologist [add]
28. Tiny Moonlight [add]
29. Romance By Example [add]
30. Felix The Cat Woos Whoopee [add]

Wild Beasts, Kidnapped, and More (1995) 01. Theme From Club Foot [add]
02. Elk's Dance Hit [add]
03. Visions [add]
04. Wild Beasts [add]
05. Hip Hopi [add]
06. Chinese Flowers [add]
07. Time Axe Bag Dad [add]
08. Suerte de la Noche [add]
09. Entrance [add]
10. They Say Over There [add]
11. Take It to Mars [add]
12. Kidnapped Coed [add]
13. Zoogaloo [add]
14. Thrashinsky [add]
15. Innocent [add]
16. Clair [add]
17. Dveil in My Soup [add]
18. Neolithic Female Goddess [add]
19. Theme From Club Foot: Medley [add]

Plays Nino Rota: Selections From la Dolce Vita (1998) 01. L' Illusionista [add]
02. Winter Fireworks [add]
03. Nell'ufficio Di Produzione Di Otto E Mezzo [add]
04. La Dolce Vita Via Veneto [add]
05. Via Veneto e Mobili [add]
06. Notturno O Mattutino [add]
07. Patricia - Dei Gladiatori [add]
08. Nights of Cabiria Suite [add]
09. Nostalgico Swing, No. 1 [add]
10. Nostalgico Swing, No. 2 [add]
11. La Dolce Vita [add]
12. Cimiterno/Cigolete/Cadillac/Carlota's Galop [medley] [add]
13. Parlami Di Me [add]

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