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Rockers Hi-Fi lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Rockers to Rockers (1995) 01. Push Push [add]
02. Rockers to Rockers (Come Again) [add]
03. What a Life [add]
04. More and More (The Hidden Persuader) [add]
05. D.T.I. (Don't Stop the Music) [add]
06. Round Reversion [add]
07. Dick from Outaspace [add]
08. Look for a Spark [add]
09. Stoned [Manali Cream Mix] [add]
10. Seven Shades of Dub [add]

Mish Mash (1997) 01. The 8th Shade [add]
02. Theme From Mish Mash [add]
03. Now I Deliver [add]
04. Uneasy Skanking [add]
05. Fling Mi Ting [add]
06. Mish Mash Episode One [add]
07. Fuzzwalk [add]
08. Mish Mash Episode Two [add]
09. Going Under [add]
10. Paths of Life [add]
11. One With Another [add]
12. Copycat (Follafashiondropoffaconkatree) [add]
13. Queen of the Ghetto (Ghetto Defendant) [add]

DJ-Kicks: The Black Album (1997) 01. Rockers Intro [add]
02. Theme From Kung Fu [add]
03. He Builds the World [add]
04. Feel [add]
05. Candles and Versions [add]
06. Up Through the Down Pipe [add]
07. Dub Angel [add]
08. Varispeed [add]
09. Callacop [add]
10. Long Life [add]
11. Com-Unique-Ation [add]
12. Never Tell You [add]
13. Twisted System [Ruts D.C. Dub] [add]
14. G13 [add]
15. Saidisyabruklinmon [add]
16. Bad Head Day [Subtropic Cut It Up Mix] [add]
17. Dis Ya One [add]
18. Rockers Outro [add]
19. The Black Single [DJ-Kicks Rockers Hi-Fi Remix] [add]

Overproof (1998) 01. Hello Everybody [add]
02. Times Up, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Time Up, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Dis Next Recording [add]
05. Transmission Central [add]
06. Hard Times [add]
07. We Na Go Run [add]
08. 7 Ways [add]
09. Free [add]
10. Skank JNR. [add]
11. Madda Roots [add]
12. Overproof [add]

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