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The Four Postmen lyrics
Genre: Rock
What the Hell Happened? (2006) 01. The Three Postmen [add]
02. Corn [add]
03. Forgive Me, Love [add]
04. No Banjo! [add]
05. The Dirty Show [add]
06. A Gentleman's Heart [add]
07. I Asked You [add]
08. Joke Band [add]
09. Girl Take Me from Behind [add]
10. The Lemon Tree [add]
11. Thump [add]
12. Co-Dependent [add]
13. Geoff Speaks [add]
14. The Drinking Song [add]
15. The Underwear Song [add]
16. A Piece of Ass [add]
17. I'm Gonna Die [add]
18. My Christian Love [add]
19. No One Thinks the Way I Do [add]
20. Thanks [add]
21. Get off the Stage! [add]

U.S. Male (2006) 01. There Are Things [add]
02. Dragon [add]
03. Are Ya Listnin? [add]
04. I Asked You [add]
05. I Always Wanted to Be... [add]
06. Sun [add]
07. Indian [add]
08. Yes I'm Lucky [add]
09. All I Know Is I Like You [add]
10. Blood Suckin' Postman [add]
11. 31 Cents [add]
12. Praise [add]
13. I'm Your Man [add]
14. Red Hot Rap [add]
15. Miles & Miles [add]
16. Farm Boys [add]
17. Hazy Day [add]
18. Fish [add]
19. Used to... I Don't Know [add]
20. Mailman Song [add]
21. Rabbit Valley [add]

Looking for Grandpa (2006) 01. Where's My River? [add]
02. In the Pouch of a Kangaroo [add]
03. Four Years of High School Spanish [add]
04. The Lobster Quadrille [add]
05. The Pied Piper [add]
06. I've Gotta a Tan [add]
07. What I Am [add]
08. Indian [add]
09. She's 17... [add]
10. I Wanna Dance [add]
11. It's All About Me [add]
12. Catbox [add]
13. Baby Jesus [add]
14. What Can I Do? [add]
15. I Bought You Dinner... [add]
16. Rabbit Valley [add]
17. I'm Your Man [add]
18. Lost Vegas [add]

Hit Record (2006) 01. Sleep [add]
02. What's Your Favrit #, Baby? [add]
03. Pornostar [add]
04. (The) Chainsaw Juggler [add]
05. I Got My Eye on You [add]
06. Dinner of Love [add]
07. Now [add]
08. I Want My Money Back [add]
09. Gentleman a [add]
10. There Are Things [add]
11. Drunk [add]
12. Let Me Make You Smile in Bed [add]
13. M-A-L-E Man [add]
14. When Man Was a Monkey [add]
15. She Is Walking Away [add]
16. Why? How? Who? [add]
17. Something to Squeeze [add]
18. The Horrible Movie Song [add]

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