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Bobby Shew lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Playing with Fire (0000) 01. Prelude and Blues [add]
02. Cloud Dance [add]
03. Spiral Dreams [add]
04. Playing with Fire [add]
05. April Mist [add]
06. Broadway Manor Mayhem [add]

Metropole Orchestra (0000) 01. My One and Only Love [add]
02. Speak Low [add]
03. Nadalin [add]
04. 'Round Midnight [add]
05. Joy Spring [add]
06. Ballad for Bobby [add]
07. With a Song in My Heart [add]
08. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
09. You're My Everything [add]
10. Waltz for Debby [add]

Heavyweights (0000) 01. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [add]
02. My Romance [add]
03. Bags' Groove [add]
04. But Not for Me [add]
05. Autumn Serenade [add]
06. The Girl from Ipanema [add]
07. Just in Time [add]
08. While My Lady Sleeps [add]
09. Night and Day [add]

Trumpets No End (1983) 01. Brownie Speaks [add]
02. Nadalin [add]
03. Stompin' at the Savoy [add]
04. I Love You [add]
05. Simplico [add]
06. Chelsea Bridge [add]
07. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
08. Will Do - Done Did [add]
09. I'll Never Stop Loving You [add]
10. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
11. Joy Spring [add]
12. Direct Connection [add]

Tribute to the Masters (1995) 01. Nica's Dream [add]
02. Whisper Not [add]
03. Rhythm-A-Ning [add]
04. In Your Own Sweet Way [add]
05. Confirmation [add]
06. Tiny Capers [add]
07. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
08. This I Dig of You [add]
09. A Night in Tunisia [add]

Music of John Harmon (2001) 01. Time of the Badger [add]
02. Night of the August Moon [add]
03. Lady in Satin [add]
04. Quixote [add]
05. Details Later [add]
06. Another Lonely Spring [add]
07. The Gift of Surrender [add]
08. Little Winged One [add]
09. I Raise My Glass [add]
10. The Time Is Right [add]
11. Trilogy - Concerto for Trumpet: 1. Secrets [add]
12. Trilogy - Concerto for Trumpet: 2. A Father's Dream [add]
13. Trilogy - Concerto for Trumpet: 3. Rustic Dance [add]
14. Mustang [add]
15. Wolf River: Dawn, Mud Creek [add]
16. Wolf River: River Dance [add]
17. Wolf River: Butte des Morts [add]
18. Wolf River: Journey Upriver [add]
19. Wolf River: Dusk, Poygan Marsh [add]

Live in Switzerland (2003) 01. Outside the Blues [add]
02. Three and One [add]
03. Little Dancer [add]
04. Soul Eyes [add]
05. Too Good for Words [add]
06. Terrestris [add]

One in a Million (2004) 01. Up Jumped Spring [add]
02. One in a Million [add]
03. Go Ahead [add]
04. Back Home Again [add]
05. Centerpiece [add]
06. Ballad for Booker [add]
07. Joy Spring [add]
08. Groovin' (High) With Shew [add]
09. Mean to Me [add]
10. Moyra [add]
11. Aim for the Heart [add]

Cancaos Do Amor (2007) 01. O Meu Amor ? Seu [My Love Is Yours] [add]
02. Fundo Nos Meus Sonhos [Deep in My Dreams] [add]
03. At? Quando Vocz Me Delxou [Till You Left Me] [add]
04. Me Segure Em Seus Bracos [Hold Me in Your Arms] [add]
05. Cancao Noturna [Evening Bossco] [add]
06. Me Ame Para Sempre [Love Me Forever] [add]
07. Estou Sempre Sonhando Com Vocz [I'm Always Dreaming of You] [add]
08. ? Bom Te Ver de Novo [It's Nice to See You Again] [add]
09. Serenata [Serenade] [add]
10. Bossa de Verco [Summer Bossa] [add]
11. Se Apalxonando Mais uma Vez [Falling Deep in Love Again] [add]
12. Te Amo Mais Do Que Nunca [I Love You More Than Ever] [add]

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