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Lil' Tweety lyrics
Genre: Rap
The Bad Boy (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. I Be the Baddest [add]
03. Bad Boy [add]
04. Hi Power Soldiers [add]
05. Girl [add]
06. Imagination [add]
07. Indio [add]
08. On a Sunday [add]
09. Tweety's on the Block [add]
10. Payback [add]
11. Haters [add]
12. Dedication [add]
13. My Life [add]

All Eyes on Me [Hi Power Entertainment] (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. There's Only One Me [add]
03. Can't Mess With Us [add]
04. You're All I Need [add]
05. Teenage Love [add]
06. Prelude [add]
07. Talk Your Sh*T [add]
08. Life in California [add]
09. Want This Drama [add]
10. Back Down [add]
11. Come Smoke With Me [add]
12. Always Love You [add]
13. Hurt and Pain [add]
14. We Don't Mess Around [add]
15. Come F**k with Me [add]
16. Move Your Body [add]
17. Outro [add]

All Eyes on Me [Thump] (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. There's Only One Me [add]
03. Can't Mess With Us [add]
04. Your All I Need [add]
05. Skit [add]
06. Talk Your Sh*T [add]
07. Life in California [add]
08. Want This Drama [add]
09. Back Down [add]
10. Come Smoke With Me [add]
11. Always Love You [add]
12. Hurt and Pain [add]
13. We Don't Mess Around [add]
14. F**k With Me [add]
15. Move Your Body [add]
16. Outro [add]

Confessing a Feeling (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. California [add]
03. Confessing a Feeling [add]
04. Represent What I Want [add]
05. I'll Be There for You [add]
06. For the Haters [add]
07. Set You Free [add]
08. HPG [add]
09. Somebody Like You [add]
10. Indio Rydaz [add]
11. You and Me [add]
12. I'm a Soldier [add]
13. Teenage Love [add]
14. Bonus Track [add]
15. Outro [add]
16. Somebody Like You [multimedia track] [add]

Most Requested (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. There's Only One [add]
03. HPG [add]
04. Come Smoke with Me [add]
05. I Be the Baddest [add]
06. Imagination [add]
07. You're All I Need [add]
08. F**k with Me [add]
09. On a Sunday [add]
10. Set You Free [add]
11. I'm a Soldier [add]
12. Indio Rydaz [add]
13. Move Your Body [add]
14. Confessing a Feeling [add]
15. Dedication [add]
16. Sombody Like You [add]
17. Outro [add]

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