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Man 2 Man lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Best of Man 2 Man (1995) 01. Male Stripper [add]
02. Do You Wanna Funk [add]
03. Energy Is Eurobeat [add]
04. I Need a Man [add]
05. At the Gym [add]
06. Swinging on a Star [add]
07. I'll Try Anything Once [add]
08. New York City Beat [add]
09. Cuba [add]
10. Action [add]
11. Who Knows What Evil? [add]
12. Hard Hitting Love [add]
13. Sex Symbol [add]
14. Try My Love [add]

Male Stripper: 1983-1989 Anthology (2005) 01. Male Stripper (1986 Version) [add]
02. Sex Symbol [add]
03. I Need a Man [add]
04. At the Gym [add]
05. Energy Is Eurobeat [add]
06. Do Ya Wanna Funk [add]
07. Swingin' on a Star [add]
08. Mexico [add]
09. Walk Like a Man [add]
10. All Men Are Beasts [add]
11. These Boots Are Made for Walkin' [add]
12. Hottest of the Hot [add]
13. I'll Try Anything Once [add]
14. Everyday [add]
15. Man's Favorite Sport [add]
16. New York City Beat [add]
17. Obsession [add]
18. Try My Love [add]
19. Unisex Haircut [add]
20. Who Knows What Evil? [add]
21. Action [add]
22. Love Me Like a Locomotive [add]
23. Worlds Best Lover [add]
24. Tattoo Taboo [add]
25. You Can't Take Back My Memories [add]
26. The Loneliest Man in the World [add]
27. Love Is the Message [add]
28. Hard Hitting Love [add]
29. When a Hot Man Turns Cold [add]
30. Cuba [add]
31. Nite Time Love [add]
32. I'll Try Anything Once [UK Remix] [add]
33. Do Ya Wanna Funk [UK Remix] [add]
34. At the Gym (Bobby 'O' Production) [add]
35. I Need a Man [N.Y.C. Remix] [add]
36. Bump in the Night [add]
37. Cryin' on Christmas [add]
38. Male Stripper (Bobby 'O' 1983 Production) [add]
39. Male Stripper [Miami Remix] [add]
40. Male Stripper [Dramatic Remix] [add]
41. Male Stripper [Hot Remix] [add]
42. Male Stripper [Manic Panic Remix] [add]
43. Male Stripper [Ladies Night Remix] [add]
44. Male Stripper [UK Remix] [add]
45. Male Stripper [Bump for a Buck Remix] [add]
46. Male Stripper [Out of This World Remix] [add]
47. Male Stripper [Big Beat Remix] [add]
48. Male Stripper [Euro Disco Remix] [add]

Male Stripper: Hits & Rarities 1985-1990 (2007) 01. Male Stripper [add]
02. I Need a Man [add]
03. At the Gym [add]
04. Energy Is Eurobeat [add]
05. All Men Are Beasts [add]
06. New York City Beat [add]
07. These Boots Are Made for Walking [add]
08. Walk Like a Man [add]
09. I'll Try Anything Once [add]
10. Obsession [add]
11. Do Ya Wanna Funk? [add]
12. Sex Symbol [add]
13. Try My Love [add]
14. Action! [add]
15. Love Me Like a Locomotive [add]
16. Loneliest Man in the World [add]
17. Man's Favourite Sport [add]
18. Everyday [add]
19. Mexico [add]
20. Hottest of the Hot [add]
21. Swingin' on a Star [add]
22. Cuba [add]
23. Love Is the Message [add]
24. You Can't Take Back My Memories [add]
25. Male Stripper [Original Extended Version] [add]

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