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DJ Formula lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Vice (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. Lounge [add]
03. Funk? [add]
04. Straight, No Chaser [add]
05. DJ Formula, You Got It [add]
06. Cocktail Napkin Girlfriend [add]
07. In the City [add]
08. The Mind of Man [add]
09. Taxicab Lovin [add]
10. What!? [add]
11. Is That Your Girl? [add]
12. The Morning After [add]
13. You Got It: Remix [add]
14. It's All We Do! Transform! [add]
15. I Feel Good [add]

Sacred Baby (2005) 01. Time of My Life [add]
02. Keep It Real [add]
03. Zombie Fire [add]
04. Get It On [add]
05. Jah [add]
06. Easy [add]
07. Up in the Clouds [add]
08. The Devil Seems Real [add]
09. The Soul of Man [add]
10. Kick It to Me [add]
11. I Want to Know [add]
12. Come On [add]

Sonics Inspired by Blastorm: Zombie Killer (2005) 01. Work [add]
02. Murder at Mechatech [add]
03. The Suit [add]
04. Zachary Zom-Beast Bastione [add]
05. Confrontation at Carnage Hall [add]
06. City of Zombies [add]
07. A Zombie-Free Zone [add]
08. Undead Ambush [add]
09. Miss Shape's Revelation [add]
10. Lair of the Zombie Lord [add]
11. Underground Showdown [add]
12. The End of It All [add]

Sonics Inspired by Blastorm: Bloodstorm (2006) 01. Bad Dream [add]
02. Morning Meeting [add]
03. Neckful of Teeth [add]
04. The Splinter Group [add]
05. Tunnel March [add]
06. Kin by LXR [add]
07. Ceiling Skirmish [add]
08. Holy Crud and High Stakes [add]
09. Legend in the Doorway [add]
10. Fists, Fangs, And Fates [add]
11. Explosive Exit [add]
12. Found [add]

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