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Et Two Brute & the Conspiracy lyrics
Genre: Rap
The Truth Becomes Folklore (2001) 01. Folklore [add]
02. DeAley Plaza [add]
03. Lee Harvey Oswald [add]
04. Et Tu Brute? [add]
05. No More Lies [add]
06. History Comes Along to Repeat Itself [add]
07. Utopia [add]
08. Ibid [add]
09. (I Don't Wanna Be) Last Victim of Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up [add]

Today's History Is Yesterday's News (2006) 01. Memory Stains [add]
02. All the Good People (For Mom) [add]
03. Common Knowledge [add]
04. Julius Caesar [add]
05. Today's History [add]
06. O' Beautiful Lady [add]
07. Killer Seed [add]
08. The Martyr Song [add]
09. Dealey Plaza [add]
10. Lee Harvey Oswald [add]
11. If They Lie, They Will Cheat [add]
12. All the Good People (W/Mike Weber) [add]
13. I Have a Dream [add]
14. There Will Come a Man [add]
15. Lullaby [add]

Ides of March (2006) 01. Becks Beer, Tom Waits, Stanley Kubrick Movies [add]
02. (Feeling Like) Richard Nixon [add]
03. Something to Sell [add]
04. In the Name of the Father [add]
05. Hero [add]
06. If Hitler's in Hell [add]
07. Scandal [add]
08. All the Best Intentions [add]
09. Society [add]
10. Patriotism [add]
11. Back in the Days (Oct '62) [add]
12. The Only Love Song [add]
13. I'm Coming Home (Caesar, Circa 2001) [add]
14. I Am Coming Home (To America) [add]
15. Rise Up [add]

All-American Boy (2006) 01. All-American Boy [add]
02. Everybody Dies on Somebody's Birthday [add]
03. Politics of Life [add]
04. I Dreamt I Was [add]
05. In the Left Lane [add]
06. I Wish I Was a Republican [add]
07. Best DeMocracy Money Can Buy [add]
08. Peace on Earth [add]
09. Girl in Georgia [add]
10. Your Discoverer [add]
11. Trusted Peter [add]
12. White American World [add]
13. God Up in Heaven [add]

Passions & Politics (2006) 01. Deb Said [add]
02. Fuel to the Fire [add]
03. I Still Look for You [add]
04. You Get What You F*cking Deserve! [add]
05. Affection [add]
06. Pax-Americana [add]
07. Old Oak Tree [add]
08. I've Already Lived Longer [add]
09. Dead to Me [add]
10. A Lifetime Ago [add]
11. Going to See My Baby [add]
12. Passions & Politics [add]
13. I'm in Love with You [add]
14. Fuel to the Fire (Acoustic) [add]
15. (You Make Me Come) Alive! [add]

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