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Freestylers lyrics
Genre: Electronica
We Rock Hard (1998) 01. Freestyle Noize [add]
02. Dance Hall Vibes [add]
03. Drop the Boom [add]
04. Don't Stop [add]
05. Here We Go lyrics
06. B-Boy Stance [add]
07. We Rock Hard [add]
08. Breaker Beats, Pt. 1 [add]
09. Spaced Invaders [add]
10. Ruffneck [add]
11. Feel the Panic [add]
12. Check the Skillz [add]
13. Warning [add]

Electro Science (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. Needle to the Groove [add]
03. One for the Treble (Fresh) [add]
04. The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel [add]
05. Break Dance Electro Boogie [add]
06. Rockit [add]
07. Wildstyle [add]
08. Jam on It [add]
09. Boogie Down Bronx [add]
10. Play That Beat Mr. DJ [add]
11. Walking on Sunshine [add]
12. The Smurf [add]
13. Looking for the Perfect Beat [add]
14. Clear [add]
15. Play at Your Own Risk [add]
16. Needle to the Groove [add]
17. The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel [add]
18. Rockit [add]
19. Clear [add]
20. Jam on It [add]
21. Walking on Sunshine [add]
22. Boogie Down Bronx [add]
23. Looking for the Perfect Beat [add]
24. Wildstyle [add]
25. Play at Your Own Risk [add]
26. Play That Beat Mr. DJ [add]
27. One for the Treble (Fresh) [add]

Pressure Point (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Now Is the Time [add]
03. London Sound [add]
04. Told You So [add]
05. Bad Boy Love [add]
06. Bass Odyssey [add]
07. Calling [add]
08. Phenomenon One [add]
09. Broadcast Channels [add]
10. Blowin Ya Brainz [add]
11. Weekend Song [add]
12. Get Down Massive [add]
13. Rumours of War [add]
14. Signs [add]

Raw as F**k (2004) 01. Too Far [Napt Remix] [add]
02. Push Up [Plump Dj's Remix] [add]
03. Boom Blast [DeEkline & Wizard Feat. Yolanda Remix] [add]
04. Right On [Splitloop Remix] [add]
05. Get a Life [Poxy Music Remix] [add]
06. Warrior Charge [Breakfastaz Remix] [add]
07. Punks [Krafty Kuts Remix] [add]
08. No Replica [Aquasky V Masterblaster Remix] [add]
09. Get a Life [Roni Size Remix] [add]
10. The Slammer [Clipz Remix] [add]
11. Boom Blast [John B Remix] [add]

Fabriclive.19 (2005) 01. Boomblast [Deekline & Wizard Remix] [add]
02. Daily Operation [add]
03. Midnight [add]
04. Killer [add]
05. Let There Be Light [add]
06. The Bashment Track [add]
07. Holding On [add]
08. Line Like This [add]
09. Broken Point [add]
10. Put Up Your Hands [add]
11. Warrior Charge [Breakfastaz Remix] [add]
12. Soul Surviving [add]
13. Kick It [add]
14. Bandwagon 92s [add]
15. Forever [add]
16. Spit It Out [add]
17. Fli Bi [add]
18. Dooms Night [Timo Maas Remix] [add]
19. Time to Unite [add]
20. Acid Love [add]
21. Infectious [add]
22. Rock Steady [add]
23. Take Me Away 2004 [Exclusive VIP Mix] [add]

Adventures in Freestyle (2006) 01. In the Beginning [add]
02. Security [add]
03. Could I Be Dreaming? [add]
04. Fast Life [add]
05. In Love with You [add]
06. Jump N Twist [add]
07. Pocketful of Sadness [add]
08. Electrified [add]
09. Hard to Stay [add]
10. Painkiller [add]
11. Turn to Dust [add]
12. Old Skool Fool [add]
13. So Fine [add]
14. Beat It Down [add]
15. Infernos [add]

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