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Pooh-Man lyrics
Genre: Rap
Funky as I Wanna Be (1992) 01. Niggas Ain't Playin' [add]
02. Don't Cost a Dime [add]
03. Funky as I Wanna Be [add]
04. Mellow Man lyrics
05. The Projects [add]
06. Player Haters lyrics
07. Racia [add]
08. Fuckin' Wit Dank [add]
09. The Big Gangster [add]
10. Your Dick [add]
11. Eatin' Pussy [add]
12. Mellow Man [instrumental] [add]
13. Sex, Money and Murder [add]

Life of a Criminal (1992) 01. Out to the Bitches [add]
02. Fuckin' Wit Dank [add]
03. Oakland [add]
04. Explicit Lyrics [add]
05. Life of a Criminal [add]
06. Black Man [add]
07. Takin' What Life Dishes Out [add]
08. Lex [add]

Ain't No Love (1994) 01. In the Gutter lyrics
02. Gangsta lyrics
03. What the Deuce Look Like [add]
04. Just Another Drive By [add]
05. If It's Going Down [add]
06. Back Breaker [add]
07. Ain't No Love [add]
08. Don't Test Yo Pimpin [add]
09. Let's Ride [add]
10. Murder Rap [add]
11. Letters from the Pen [add]
12. Down Low [add]
13. Fade My Flow [add]
14. Street Games [add]
15. Why I Gotta Be a Bitch [*] [add]

State Vs. Poohman Straight from San Quentin (1997) 01. Intro [add]
02. Sentenced to Five lyrics
03. God Forgive Me [add]
04. Don't F$@k Wit My Money [add]
05. Bad Dreams [add]
06. Just Another Day [add]
07. Mama Used to Say [add]
08. Day 2 Day Slang [add]
09. Use to Be My Homie [add]
10. Baby [add]
11. When I Come Home [add]
12. Herm Outro [add]

Fukin' Wit' Dank 2001 (2001) 01. Fire [add]
02. Mean Muggin' [add]
03. Part of the Game [add]
04. 3 Can Keep [add]
05. The Town [add]
06. Keisha [add]
07. The Hit [add]
08. I Got Love [add]
09. A Party [add]
10. Whore [add]
11. Murder Murder [add]
12. To Live and Die a Gangster [add]

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