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Genre: Electronica
The Funky Breaks (1997) 01. Grand Canyon Suite [add]
02. Silent Partner [add]
03. Narra Mine [Armand Van Helden's West Coast Mix] [add]
04. Get Yourself Organised [add]
05. Reflex Speed [add]
06. Beats A-Rockin' [Inside Mix] [add]
07. Get Huh [add]
08. Watcher's Point of View (Don't 'Cha Think) [Underground Mix] [add]
09. Sound the Alarm [add]
10. Tribal Base [Foundation Mix] [add]
11. J-Break [add]
12. Sign [add]
13. 2 [add]
14. The Pledge [add]

Generate (1998) 01. Can't Stop This Track [add]
02. Big Ditch [add]
03. Ease the Beat Back Up [add]
04. Take the Time [add]
05. N-Space [add]
06. This Is How My Drummer Drums [add]
07. Wave Drop [add]
08. Not a Test [add]
09. City of Groove [add]
10. Acid Conga [add]
11. Vector [add]
12. The Air Is Full of Sound [add]

Essential Mix (2000) 01. Purple [Freestylers Remix] [add]
02. The Push [add]
03. Blue Horizon [add]
04. Party Going On [add]
05. Supersonic [DJ Icey Remix] [add]
06. Dooms Night [Timo Maas Remix] [add]
07. Pumpin' [Re-Edit] [add]
08. Escape [Electro Mix] [add]
09. Everyday [Remix] [add]
10. First Contact [add]
11. Chain Reaction [add]
12. Nothing Left [Tsunami One Remix] [add]
13. Low Tide [Stripped Down Mix] [add]
14. The Realm [add]
15. Minimal Machine [add]
16. Smokebelch II [David Holmes Mix] [add]

Mixed (2001) 01. Gotta Keep Movin [add]
02. The One lyrics
03. Blue Chips [add]
04. Sweet Tea [Version 2] [add]
05. Message from Space [add]
06. The Inlet [add]
07. Sonic Bliss [add]
08. So Right [add]
09. Drive [add]
10. Hot Stop [add]
11. January [add]
12. Top Rock [add]
13. Jam the System [add]
14. New Day [add]

Different Day (2003) 01. Different Day [add]
02. Searching [add]
03. Naive Journey [add]
04. The Future [add]
05. Freaks in the House [add]
06. Dreams [add]
07. Sinewave [add]
08. A Little Louder [add]
09. Groove Lick [add]
10. Slake [add]
11. Dim the Sky [add]
12. Electro Morning MMIII [add]
13. Cross Eyed Sally [*/multimedia track] [add]

For the Love of the Beat (2004) 01. And Go! [add]
02. Comin' Back [add]
03. Storyreel [Satoshi Tomiie Remix] [add]
04. One Foot Skank [add]
05. Front 2 Back [Fatboy Slim Remix] [add]
06. Algebra [Mr. Breaker & the Technician Mix] [add]
07. Shadow Breaks [add]
08. Weighed Down [add]
09. Neuflex/And/Or [Si Begg's "Buckfunk 3000" Remix] [add]
10. Into the Sun [add]
11. At Night [add]
12. Hardway's Working [add]
13. Get Yourself High [Switches Rely on Rub Remix] [add]
14. Do It to the Music /What Percent of Nothing? [Acappella] [add]
15. Camino Real [add]

Y4K (2006) 01. I'll Be Here [add]
02. Loving You [Atomic Hooligan Remix] [add]
03. Plod Out [add]
04. Feelin' Kinda Strange [Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix] [add]
05. This Feelin' [edit] [add]
06. Like This [Main Mix] [add]
07. Never Gonna Stop the Show [add]
08. Come Closer [add]
09. The Ride [add]
10. Everybody Get Up [Circuit Breaker Remix] [add]
11. San Pedro [add]
12. All Your Love [DeEkline & Wizard Club Mix] [add]
13. Grizzle [Vlad & Ardisson Remix] [add]
14. Nikita [add]

Disco Rodeo (2007) 01. Gutterpump [Tom Real and Rogue Element Mix] [add]
02. The Bump [Tonite Only Mix] [add]
03. Under Contstructo [General Midi Mix] [add]
04. Through the Door [version] [add]
05. Feel Good [Remix] [add]
06. Crunch [add]
07. The Bot [add]
08. Joystick [add]
09. Summerfish [Remix] [add]
10. Captn' Fantastic & The Dodge City Satellites [add]
11. Commin on Deep [add]
12. El Camino [add]

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