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Tommy Ellison lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Born Again (1992) 01. Heaven to Me [add]
02. New Born Soul [add]
03. The Father Alone [add]
04. Hard to Get Along [add]
05. Amen [add]
06. Climbing Jacob's Ladder [add]
07. Somebody's Knocking [add]
08. Let It Shine [add]
09. When the Saints Go Marching In [add]
10. Born Again [add]
11. Holy Ghost [add]
12. A Man Need the Lord [add]

Power (1992) 01. Power [add]
02. Serve the Lord [add]
03. I Wanna Be Loved [add]
04. Stand Up [add]
05. Sailing [add]
06. Crossroads [add]
07. Praise His Holy Name [add]
08. Keep on Marching [add]
09. He's Always on Time [add]

Trust & Obey (1997) 01. Over There (Where Jesus Is) [add]
02. Trust and Obey [add]
03. Christian Lady [add]
04. Call on Jesus [add]
05. Lord, I Thank You [add]
06. Close Call [add]
07. Sunshine [add]
08. Put Jesus in Your Life [add]
09. It's Alright [add]
10. Prove It [add]

My Love for God (1998) 01. Been in the Storm Too Long [add]
02. Steal Away [add]
03. I Need You Right Now [add]
04. Lord, Don't Leave Me Alone [add]
05. The Crossroads [add]
06. Sailing [add]
07. God Loves You [add]
08. My Love for God [add]
09. Rain in Your Life [add]
10. I'm Guilty of Loving God [live] [add]

Live & More (1999) 01. Closer [add]
02. Intro [add]
03. Adorable [add]
04. Intro [add]
05. At the Gate I Know [add]
06. Trying to Get to Heaven [add]
07. Intro [add]
08. Holy Ghost [add]
09. Intro [add]
10. Let This Be a Lesson to You [Drunk Driver] [add]
11. Let This Be a Lesson to You (Sermon) [add]
12. Trust and Obey [Featuring Chequita Lumzy/The Lumzy Sisters] [add]
13. Put Jesus in Your Life [add]
14. Close Call [With Chequita Lumzy] [add]
15. Lord, I Thank You [add]
16. Jesus Loves Me [instrumental] [add]
17. Lord Keep Me in a Perfect Way [add]

Tommy Ellison (2001) 01. Closer [add]
02. Grandma's House [add]
03. Medley: Tommy's Greatest Hits [add]
04. Heaven to Me [add]
05. The Good Old Ways [add]
06. Let It Be Me [add]
07. Pity in the City [add]
08. Crying Days [add]
09. Somewhere to Lay My Head [add]
10. Lord Jesus [add]
11. Let This Be a Lesson to You (Drunk Driver) [add]
12. If I Would Live Right [add]
13. You Can If You Will [add]
14. Finally Got Saved [add]
15. Holy Ghost [add]
16. So Sweet [add]

Going to See My Friend (2002) 01. Going to See My Friend [add]
02. We Need a Prayer [add]
03. Last Mile [add]
04. Watch While You Pray [add]
05. Shining Star [add]
06. Father Please Stand by Me [add]
07. Guilty [add]
08. God Loves You [add]
09. Doing It All for My Savior [add]
10. Hard to Get Along [add]
11. Don't Leave Me Jesus [add]
12. Amazing Grace [add]
13. For This I Give Your Name the Praise [add]

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