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Boston Boys lyrics
Genre: Rock
European Romance (2000) 01. European Romance [add]
02. Cool Shades in Hot Pierre [add]
03. See Jillian Skate [add]
04. A Little English Rap [add]
05. 1943 (My Johnny Won't Be Home) [add]
06. English Country Moon [add]
07. A Eroupean Bobsled [add]
08. Excuse Me, But I Love You [add]
09. Black Forest Clock Shop [add]
10. How I Love My Mom [add]
11. Who Planted Shamrocks There [add]
12. Only Memories Left [add]

The Greatest Gift of All (2000) 01. The Greatest Gift of All [add]
02. Old Jerusalem [add]
03. Love [add]
04. How Great Is He [add]
05. Beleive [add]
06. Calvary [add]
07. Creation [add]
08. Oh My Jesus [add]
09. Hear the Wind Blow [add]
10. Risen [add]

Caribbean Vacation (2000) 01. Caribbean Vacation [add]
02. Cayman Coral [add]
03. Blue Waters Over White Sand [add]
04. Caribbeam Drums [add]
05. Jamaican Seashells [add]
06. Ashley Girl [add]
07. Just Papa and Me [add]
08. A Cozumel Beach Party [add]
09. Bermuda Sunday [add]
10. Aruba Surf [add]
11. Caribbean Farewell [add]

The Journey (2000) 01. The Journey [add]
02. A New Star Shines Tonight [add]
03. Manager of a King [add]
04. Christmas Is Love [add]
05. Wise Men 3 [add]
06. Bells [add]
07. Manger Shadows [add]
08. Tell Me That Christmas Story [add]
09. Angels Wings [add]
10. A Happy Birthday [add]
11. Our Last Christmas Waltz [add]
12. He Gave His Son for Christmas [add]

It's Springtime (2001) 01. It's Springtime [add]
02. A Faded Rose a Broken Heart [add]
03. Mason Dixie Springtime [add]
04. I Thought I Knew You [add]
05. If I Could Change Time [add]
06. Caribbean Springtime [add]
07. To Spend Eternity with You [add]
08. Green Frog Polka [add]
09. A Jazzy Springtime [add]
10. Wishing and Dreaming [add]
11. Starlight Ballroom [add]
12. A Springtime Kiss [add]
13. Somewhere in Time [add]
14. We Love You #3 [add]

Dance Party (2001) 01. At the Seniors Ball [add]
02. Doing the Zebra [add]
03. The Monkey Dance [add]
04. Sand Dooms [add]
05. The Clouge [add]
06. Kiss Me Once [add]
07. Rickey's Rocking [add]
08. Class of 1950 [add]
09. The Rocking Snowman [add]
10. Boston Garden [add]
11. Apple Jack Polka [add]
12. Boston Turkey Strut [add]
13. Dance of Love [add]

An American Salute (2001) 01. Americana Melody 1 [add]
02. My Old Kentucky Home [add]
03. American Hospitality [add]
04. Over There [add]
05. Americana Melody 2 [add]
06. You Are My Sunshine [add]
07. Pretty Redwing [add]
08. I Want a Gal [add]
09. Americana Melody 3 [add]
10. Home on the Range [add]
11. God Gave America to Me [add]
12. Grandfathes Clock [add]
13. Americana Melody 4 [add]
14. Beer Barrel Polka [add]
15. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]
16. America the Beautiful [add]

Return to the Caribbean (2001) 01. Return to the Caribbean [add]
02. Swaying Palms [add]
03. A Caribbean Romance [add]
04. Gabrielle [add]
05. Oh How I Love Her So [add]
06. A Caribbean Angel [add]
07. Caribbean Dreams [add]
08. Ja Ja Ja [add]
09. Gaby Girl [add]
10. My Caribbean Beauty [add]
11. A Caribbean Pearl [add]
12. Parasailing [add]
13. Two Shadows [add]
14. Those Caribbean Drums [add]
15. A Broken Heart in Puerto Rico [add]

May God Bless America (2001) 01. May God Bless America [add]
02. Holy Holy Holy [add]
03. Prayers [add]
04. Amazing Grace Melody [add]
05. Onward Christian Solders [add]
06. Joy of Man Melody [add]
07. The Old Rugged Cross [add]
08. Praise Melody [add]
09. God Bless America [add]
10. There in His Kingdom [add]
11. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
12. Loving You Always [add]
13. In My Darkness He Held My Hand [add]
14. Home There with Him [add]
15. May God Bless America (Reprise) [add]

A Moment Caught in Time (2001) 01. A Moment Caught in Time [add]
02. Johns Song [add]
03. A Birth [add]
04. Follow That Star [add]
05. Christmas Glory [add]
06. The Birthday of a King [add]
07. Come Praise the Lord [add]
08. Mangers Hay [add]
09. In the Highest [add]
10. Mary [add]
11. Love on Christmas Eve [add]
12. Christmas Melody 1 [add]
13. Away in a Manger [add]
14. Christman Melody 2 [add]

Yesterdays Memory (2002) 01. Yesterday Memory [add]
02. As Time Goes By [add]
03. Netty [add]
04. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
05. A Tiny Tim Memory [add]
06. In the Game [add]
07. A Judy Garland Memory [add]
08. Remembering [add]
09. A 1920 Memory [add]
10. A Walt Disney Memory [add]
11. A Roger Williams Memory [add]
12. Woman [add]
13. A Kate Smith Memory [add]
14. Banjos [add]
15. A World War II Memory [add]
16. Piano Man [add]
17. The Old Lamp Lighter [add]

Shadows (2002) 01. Shadows [add]
02. City Dawning [add]
03. Feelings [add]
04. Morning Shadows [add]
05. Hornesty [add]
06. City Sunrise [add]
07. Another You [add]
08. Rush Hour [add]
09. Loosing You Forever [add]
10. Nine Eleven [add]
11. In Memory Melody [add]
12. United All Americans Will Stand [add]
13. Fallen [add]
14. Never Forgotten [add]
15. Tribute Melody [add]

Dream Chaser (2002) 01. Dream Chaser [add]
02. A Jazzy Melody [add]
03. Mildred [add]
04. Color Me Blue [add]
05. Piano Dreaming [add]
06. Star Dreaming [add]
07. Lovers Melody [add]
08. A Latin Melody [add]
09. Moon Dance [add]
10. Dreamers Melody [add]
11. Melody with Class [add]
12. My Latino Lover [add]
13. Waltzing Melody [add]
14. Calypso Joe [add]
15. Enchanting Melody [add]
16. Farewell Melody [add]

Crusing (2002) 01. Cruising [add]
02. Moonlight Beach Party [add]
03. Cruising Through Life Togeather [add]
04. Americans, No Problem [add]
05. Loving You Forever [add]
06. Bahamas Mama All Rum Smoothes [add]
07. Caribbean Nights Romance [add]
08. Midnight Chocolate Buffet [add]
09. Close Dancing You and Me [add]
10. Iam So Happy Polka [add]
11. Come Shake My Hand [add]
12. Jamaican Blue Label Coffee [add]
13. Friendships That Will Last Forever [add]
14. Cruising Farewell, Memories Hello [add]

Sunday Morning (2002) 01. Sunday Morning [add]
02. Praise Him Melody [add]
03. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
04. At the Cross [add]
05. Some Sunday Morning [add]
06. Nora Just Kept Building That Ark [add]
07. At Calvary [add]
08. Amazing Grace [add]
09. The Church in the Wildwood [add]
10. Because He Lives [add]
11. The Old Lamplighter [add]
12. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep [add]
13. The Stone Was Rolled Away [add]
14. Prophecy [add]
15. The Old Rugged Cross [add]

New England Holidays (2002) 01. New England Holidays [add]
02. A Winter Sleigh Ride [add]
03. Missing You My Love [add]
04. A Ride in Grandpas Sleigh [add]
05. The Snow Waltz [add]
06. Holidays Are for Familes [add]
07. The Blessings America Has [add]
08. Winter Skating on Mill Pond [add]
09. On a New England Sleigh Ride [add]
10. As We Give Thanks [add]
11. A Thanksgiving Melody [add]
12. Saying Thanks [add]
13. Forgive Me [add]
14. The Little Country Church [add]
15. Have a Family Holiday [add]

Family Christmas (2002) 01. Sleigh Ride [add]
02. Carrol Melody 1 [add]
03. Frosty [add]
04. Winter Wonderland [add]
05. Blue Christmas [add]
06. A Santa Melody [add]
07. Christmas Melody [add]
08. Silver Bells [add]
09. Rudolf [add]
10. White Christmas [add]
11. Carol Melody 2 [add]
12. Carol Melody 3 [add]
13. Carol Melody 4 [add]
14. Silent Night [add]

Whispering Sands (2003) 01. Whiepering Sands [add]
02. On My Knees I Bow My Head in Prayer [add]
03. Thanking Them for All That They Gave [add]
04. Yellow Ribbons and Purple Hearts [add]
05. Iraq, Liberation Day [add]
06. May All People Live in Peace [add]
07. Yellow Ribbons in Her Hair [add]
08. Days Are Hot But Nights Are Cold [add]
09. There Are Tear Drops Upon My Pillow [add]
10. When I See My Flag Pass by, I Will Remember [add]
11. America Is My Country [add]
12. I Ask My God That All Nations Live in Peace Togeather [add]

I Am Missing You (2003) 01. I Am Missing You [add]
02. Sylvia [add]
03. Holding You Forever [add]
04. Knowing You Still Love Me [add]
05. You and Me Forever More [add]
06. With Her Blond Hair & Eyes of Green - #1 [add]
07. With Her Blond Hair & Eyes of Green - #2 [add]
08. Knowing She Is Mine [add]
09. She Said Kiss Me Quick [add]
10. While Your Gone, My Love Waits for You [add]
11. Missing You My Darling [add]
12. Jordee Girl [add]
13. Holding Hands in the Moonlight [add]
14. A Little Hug There, A Big Hug Here [add]
15. Our Love Is Forever [add]
16. Forever in Time I Will Love You [add]

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