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Ben Tankard lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Keynote Speaker (1990) 01. Keynote Speaker [add]
02. Be With You [add]
03. Revival Time! [add]
04. For God So Loved the World [add]
05. I'm Going Away [add]
06. Take Sax (Spread Love) [add]
07. Showers of Peace [add]
08. My Reward [add]
09. What a Friend [Variation] [add]
10. Drummer's Dream [add]
11. Be With You [instrumental] [add]
12. Keynote Speaker (Reprise) [add]

Keys to Life (1991) 01. Keys to Life [add]
02. Love Makes Me an Instrument [add]
03. City of Tomorrow [add]
04. Praise Medley [add]
05. Goin' Up Yonder [add]
06. Theme for Benita [add]
07. Joyful Noises [add]
08. The Church Band [add]
09. Paradise [add]
10. A Jazzy Thought [add]
11. Just a Closer Walk With Thee [add]
12. Love Makes Me an Instrument [instrumental] [add]
13. Breathe on Me [add]

Christmas (1991) 01. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
02. Silent Night [add]
03. The First Noel [add]
04. The Christmas Song [add]
05. The First Day of Christmas [add]
06. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
07. A Star Is Born [add]
08. The Holidaze [add]
09. By the Fire [add]
10. Joy to the World [add]

Sunday Driving (1993) 01. Sunday Drive [add]
02. All Keyed Up [add]
03. Be With You [add]
04. Keys to Life [add]
05. Sunrise [add]
06. Melodic Heaven [add]
07. What Is This [add]
08. Keynote Speaker [add]
09. Showers of Peace [add]
10. Love Makes Me an Instrument [add]
11. Praise Medley [add]
12. Goin' Up Yonder [add]
13. Worthy [add]
14. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]

Play Me in Your Key (1994) 01. You Bring Out the Best in Me [add]
02. Any Kind of Love [add]
03. Princess [add]
04. Play Me in Your Key [add]
05. In Your Arms [add]
06. Offering Time [add]
07. Church Picnic [add]
08. We've Come to Worship You [add]
09. Somebody in You [add]
10. Spiritjazz [add]
11. I'll Do Anything [add]
12. The Benediction [add]

All Keyed Up (1994) 01. All Keyed Up [add]
02. Sunday Drive [add]
03. What Is This [add]
04. Church Out! [add]
05. El Shaddai [add]
06. On My Own [add]
07. Melodic Heaven [add]
08. My Soul [add]
09. Let This Love Live [add]
10. Eden Celebration [add]

Instrumentally Yours (1996) 01. Kume-Bi-Yah [add]
02. Midnight Musical [add]
03. You Will Know [add]
04. Instrumentally Yours [add]
05. When We Met [add]
06. Legit [add]
07. Don't Stop [add]
08. Welcome into This Place [add]
09. God Will Take Care of You [add]
10. You Are Flesh of My Flesh [add]
11. Song for the Heart [add]
12. A Quiet Place [add]

Git Yo Prayze On (1997) 01. Git Yo' Prayze On [add]
02. Spend Some Time With Me [add]
03. N-Da-Spirit [add]
04. Livin' 4 U [add]
05. We Ben-Jamin' [add]
06. Sing for the Children [add]
07. 7 Dayze Without Prayer (Makes One W-E-A-K) [add]
08. My Testimony [add]
09. Tribal Hymn [add]
10. If You Need Somebody [add]
11. Caravan of Love [add]
12. What Kinda World [add]

The Minstrel (1999) 01. Eden [add]
02. U Belong to Me [add]
03. 911 Emergency [add]
04. I Believe You Love Me Know [add]
05. The Minstrel [add]
06. 911 Emergency [Repraise] [add]
07. Sunday Breeze [add]
08. You Are Everything [add]
09. Take This! [add]
10. Song of Healing [add]
11. Church Skate Night [add]
12. See You Again [add]

Christmas Love (2000) 01. Guitar for Christmas [add]
02. Away in a Manger [add]
03. Christmas Love [add]
04. White Christmas [add]
05. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
06. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
07. Let's Have Christmas lyrics
08. My Favorite Things [add]
09. Minstrel's Christmas Song [add]
10. Melody of Bethlehem [add]
11. Worship a King [add]

Song of Solomon (2001) 01. Song of Solomon [add]
02. Ribbon in the Sky [add]
03. Always on My Mind [add]
04. Smile 4 Me (My Love) [add]
05. Allaboutluv (Interlude) [add]
06. Keyed M-2-U [add]
07. Shi-Ly-Ku [add]
08. Special One [add]
09. Thou Art Fair (Jewel's Song) [add]
10. Minstrel of Romance [add]
11. A New Start (Interlude) [add]
12. No Words Necessary [add]

Play a Lil' Song for Me (2003) 01. Play a Lil' Song 4 Me [add]
02. The Alter [add]
03. What the World Needs Now [add]
04. Dance in Advance [add]
05. One Hundred Ways [add]
06. Ben's Coffee House [add]
07. Overjoyed [add]
08. Did You Know? [add]
09. Play a Lil' Song 4 Me [instrumental] [add]
10. Don't Worry [add]

Piano Prophet (2004) 01. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now [add]
02. Piano Prophet [add]
03. Touch and Agree [add]
04. Jesus Is Love [add]
05. Positive Change [add]
06. Head to the Sky [add]
07. Lil' Ole Church [add]
08. Keepmovinon [add]
09. Bible Keys [add]
10. Jesus Is Love [instrumental] [add]
11. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now [instrumental] [add]

Let's Get Quiet: The Smooth Jazz Experience (2007) 01. Let's Get Quiet (Shh!) lyrics
02. Before I Let Go [add]
03. Remain Calm [add]
04. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [add]
05. Lake Cabin [add]
06. Week-End Forecast [add]
07. Remind Me [add]
08. Night Flight [add]
09. Slow Jam W.R.E.N. [add]
10. Let's Get Quiet (Shh!) [instrumental] [add]
11. I Come to the Garden Alone [add]
12. Close Your Eyes [add]

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