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Genre: Gospel
How Excellent Is Thy Name (1991) 01. Anybody Here [add]
02. He's All I Need [add]
03. So Good [add]
04. Joy Like a River [add]
05. How Excellent Is Thy Name [add]
06. He'll Work It Out for You [add]
07. Jesus Will Carry You Through [add]
08. I've Got the Victory [add]

Use Me (1992) 01. God Will Fix It Everytime [add]
02. Use Me [add]
03. In the Morning [add]
04. Praise His Name [add]
05. I've Got to Tell Somebody [add]
06. Hold on to God's Unchanging Hand [add]
07. Only One [add]
08. While I Have a Chance lyrics
09. Put Everything in God's Hand [add]
10. Hold It Up [add]

Heaven Belongs to You [live] (1994) 01. Magnify the Lord [add]
02. Heaven Belongs to You [add]
03. Somebody Help Me Praise the Lord [add]
04. King of Glory [add]
05. Everything Will Be Alright [add]
06. God So Loved the World [add]
07. Jesus Will Lift You Up [add]
08. The Promised Land [add]
09. None Like Him [add]
10. No Doubt in My Mind [add]
11. I Know What Prayer Can Do [add]
12. I'm Glad I Know Him for Myself [add]

What a Mighty God We Serve [live] (1996) 01. I Came to Lift Him Up [add]
02. Sweet Anointing [add]
03. He's My Friend [add]
04. I'll Be an Instrument for Thee [add]
05. Lord, I Thank You [add]
06. Praise the Matchless Lamb of God [add]
07. What a Time [add]
08. Come to Jesus [add]
09. I Must Tell It [add]
10. I'm Gonna Do Your Will [add]
11. What a Mighty God We Serve [add]
12. Just Like Jesus [add]
13. High Praise [add]

Together (1996) 01. He Lifted Me [add]
02. Magnify the Lord [add]
03. I Can't Forget [add]
04. I've Got to Tell Somebody [live] [add]
05. No More Pain [add]
06. How Excellent Is Thy Name [add]
07. Strengthen Me [add]
08. So Good [add]
09. It's Yours for the Asking [add]
10. Praise His Name [live] [add]

On the Other Side of Through (1998) 01. Won't It Be Grand [add]
02. On the Other Side of Through [add]
03. Your Deliverance Will Come [add]
04. Everytime I Call His Name [add]
05. The Lord Is Blessing Me [add]
06. Jesus, Son of the Living God [add]
07. If I Hold My Peace [add]
08. Standing on the Promises [add]
09. I'm Determined [add]
10. No One Understands Like Jesus [add]
11. I've Got to Shout It [add]
12. Everywhere You Go [add]

God Is Great (2003) 01. God Is Great [add]
02. Bless His Holy Name [add]
03. Glorify the Lord [add]
04. More Than I Can Say [add]
05. More... (J.B. Reprise) [add]
06. To Worship Him [add]
07. Glory to His Holy Name [add]
08. My Offering [add]
09. Praise the Name of Jesus [add]
10. He Is Lord [add]
11. Thank You for Everything [add]
12. Put Everything in God's Hands [add]
13. How Excellent Is Thy Name [add]

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