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Inspirations lyrics
Genre: Gospel
He Brought Me Out (1993) 01. He Brought Me Out [add]
02. It Did Not End With the Cross [add]
03. Don't You Want to Go [add]
04. Come Home Children [add]
05. He Fell in Love [add]
06. Back to the Old Time Way [add]
07. The Family Who Prays [add]
08. I Can Tell You the Time [add]
09. Beyond the Grave [add]
10. Glory to God in the Highest [add]

Touring That City (1999) 01. Touring That City lyrics
02. The Fa Sol La Song [add]
03. I Know He Hears [add]
04. Love Reached Down [add]
05. I'll Make It to Heaven Someday [add]
06. Matthew 24 [add]
07. Living on Higher Ground [add]
08. Only One Door [add]
09. I Believe He Died for Me [add]
10. When I Walk on Streets of Gold [add]
11. I Can't Do It Alone [add]
12. After the Sunrise [add]

Warner Robins Live (2000) 01. It Will Be Alright With Me [add]
02. You Oughta Been There [add]
03. Martin Introduces Group [add]
04. In the Sky [add]
05. Follow the Lord [And Reprise] [add]
06. Heaven's New Song [add]
07. Shake Hands With Mother Again [add]
08. In the Morning [add]
09. Someday Soon (Reprise) [add]
10. Shoutin' Time (Reprise) [add]
11. I Cannot Find the Way Alone [add]
12. Introduction [add]
13. Touring That City lyrics
14. When I Wake up to Sleep No More [add]
15. The First Million Years lyrics
16. When God Dips His Love in My Heart [add]
17. Amazing Grace [add]
18. Tears Will Never Stain the Streets [add]
19. I've Got More to Go to Heaven For [add]
20. These Are They [add]
21. Thanks for Loving Me [add]
22. Jesus Is Mine [add]

Pure Vintage (2001) 01. I'll Not Turn My Back on Him Now lyrics
02. The Great I Am [add]
03. He Broke the Chains lyrics
04. Prayer Moves the Heart lyrics
05. Mercy at Midnight [add]
06. Heaven Gets Sweeter [add]
07. He Swept Me off My Feet lyrics
08. When Jesus Shall Reign [add]
09. The Book, the Blood, the Blessed Hope [add]
10. Endangered: The Christian Family [add]

The Journey Ahead (2005) 01. Looking to Live [add]
02. The Holy Hills [add]
03. Give the World a Smile [add]
04. He Knows You by Heart [add]
05. Someone to Care [add]
06. I Will Praise Him [add]
07. They're Holding Up the Ladder [add]
08. The Wonder of Wonders [add]
09. He Changed It All [add]
10. Rejoice [add]

What a Day (2005) 01. God Made a Way [add]
02. In the Shadow [add]
03. Home a Different Way [add]
04. Hope of the Ages [add]
05. I Cannot Find the Way Alone [add]
06. God Is Still Good [add]
07. I've Got the Something Better [add]
08. Weapon of Prayer [add]
09. In the Twinkle of an Wyw [add]
10. What a Day [add]

From the Smokies (2005) 01. When I Got Saved [add]
02. I'm a Winner Either Way [add]
03. I'm Not Ashamed [add]
04. Heaven's Office [add]
05. Angel Band [add]
06. Forwarding Address [add]
07. Now I Know [add]
08. Not Worth a Dime [add]
09. Mighty Strong Hand [add]
10. Til the Storm Passes By [add]

I Know (2006) 01. I've Never Gotten Over Gettin' Saved [add]
02. If You Only Knew lyrics
03. I Know [add]
04. I Have Not Forgotten [add]
05. Shed for Even Me [add]
06. At His Feet [add]
07. When I Walk on Streets of Gold [add]
08. Living Like There's No Yesterday [add]
09. Led My the Masters Hand [add]
10. My Best Friend [add]

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