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The Christianaires lyrics
Genre: Gospel
The Vision Becomes Clearer (1993) 01. I'm Going to Praise the Lord [add]
02. Don't Leave Me [add]
03. Deep in My Heart [add]
04. Two Wings [add]
05. Radio Angels [Extended Play] [add]
06. Pray on It [add]
07. God Cares [add]
08. He'll Make a Way [add]
09. He'll Be Right There [add]
10. Get on Up [add]
11. Radio Angels [add]

Reaching Out (1995) 01. Angels [add]
02. Ain't No Way I Can Lose [add]
03. At the River [add]
04. Forgive Me [add]
05. Until I Found the Lord [add]
06. God Can Make It Better lyrics
07. Sweepstakes [add]
08. I'm Glad I'm Saved [add]
09. Jesus Is Calling [add]
10. All He Wants Is Praise [add]
11. We Need Jesus [add]

Thru the Storm (1995) 01. Thru the Storm [add]
02. Jesus Is a Wonderful Man [add]
03. Ain't Got Long to Get Your House in Order [add]
04. Angels Will Be Waiting [add]
05. Don't Let Our Singing Be in Vain [add]
06. Ain't No Way I Can Lose [add]
07. The Time Is Coming [add]
08. Witness [add]
09. Stay on the Battlefield [add]

Saints Hold On (1997) 01. Saints Hold On [add]
02. Hook in Me [add]
03. Wrapped Up lyrics
04. Born Again [add]
05. Jesus With Me [Choir Version] [add]
06. I Just Can't Go On [add]
07. He Will Come [add]
08. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [add]
09. Bound for Mount Zion [add]
10. Jesus With Me (Reprise) [add]
11. Lord Have Mercy [add]
12. In His Hands [add]
13. Jesus With Me [Group Version] [add]

Standing Room Only [live] (1998) 01. Two Wings [add]
02. Things I Do [add]
03. You've Been So Good [add]
04. You've Been So Good (Reprise) [add]
05. Saints Hold On (Intro) [add]
06. Saints Hold On [add]
07. Ain't No Way I Can Lose (Intro) [add]
08. Ain't No Way I Can Lose [add]
09. Ain't No Way I Can Lose (Reprise) [add]
10. Look Around (Miracle) [add]
11. Paul's Testimony [add]
12. God Stepped in on Time [add]
13. He Will Come [add]
14. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [add]

Thank You (2001) 01. Let God Fix It [add]
02. Lift Up Your Hands [add]
03. Another Day [add]
04. Look to Jesus [add]
05. Stand Up lyrics
06. No, No, No [add]
07. I Found Life [add]
08. The Blood [add]
09. All You've Done [add]
10. Love Will Make a Way [add]
11. Going All the Way [add]
12. Grace and Mercy [add]
13. He's Using Me [add]

Stand Up! Live (2004) 01. Stand Up lyrics
02. Let God Fix It [add]
03. No, No, No Medley [add]
04. God's Gonna Work It Out [add]
05. He's Using Me [add]
06. Don't Leave Me [add]
07. I Found Life [add]
08. Going All the Way [add]
09. Forgive Me [add]
10. Mainline [add]
11. He'll Make a Way [add]
12. Love Will Make a Way [add]
13. He's Using Me [add]

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