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Philip Bailey lyrics
Genre: R&B
Continuation (1983) 01. I Know [add]
02. Trapped [add]
03. It's Our Time [add]
04. Desire [add]
05. I'm Waiting for You [add]
06. Vaya [add]
07. Good Guys Supposed to Get The [add]
08. Your Boyfriend's Back [add]

Chinese Wall (1985) 01. Photogenic Memory [add]
02. I Go Crazy [add]
03. Walking on the Chinese Wall [add]
04. For Every Heart That's Been Broken [add]
05. Go [add]
06. Easy Lover lyrics
07. Show You the Way to Love lyrics
08. Time Is a Woman [add]
09. Woman [add]
10. Children of the Ghetto [add]

Family Affair (1989) 01. This Is How the Work Gets Done [add]
02. Family Affair [add]
03. No Compromise [add]
04. Lonely Broken Hearted People [add]
05. Oasis [add]
06. Where Can I Go? [add]
07. Let's Talk About Jesus [add]
08. Love That Lasts [add]
09. Call to War [add]
10. Lord You Reign [add]

Inside Out (1990) 01. Welcome to the Club [add]
02. State of the Heart [add]
03. Long Distance Love [add]
04. Echo My Heart [add]
05. Don't Leave Me Baby [add]
06. Special Effect [add]
07. Because of You [add]
08. Back It Up [add]
09. Take This With You [add]
10. The Day Will Come [add]

Philip Bailey (1994) 01. Stay Right Here [add]
02. Just Like Summer [add]
03. Here With Me [add]
04. A Diamond Just Like You [add]
05. I'm Ready [add]
06. Love Me Tonight [add]
07. I Won't Open My Arms [add]
08. Crazy Things You Do for Love [add]
09. Live It Up [add]
10. Yours [add]
11. Call Me [add]
12. Something's Missing [add]

Dreams (1999) 01. Waiting for the Rain [add]
02. Moondance [add]
03. Dream Like I Do [add]
04. Something [add]
05. Make It With You [add]
06. Sailaway [add]
07. The Masquerade Is Over [add]
08. Are We Doing Better Now [add]
09. Something to Remind You [add]
10. Strength to Love You [add]

Soul on Jazz (2002) 01. My Indiscretions [add]
02. Dear Ruby (Ruby, My Dear) [add]
03. Compared to What [add]
04. Nature Boy [add]
05. Bop-Skip-Doodle [add]
06. Unrestrained [add]
07. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [add]
08. Keep Your Head to the Sky [add]
09. Sometime Ago [add]
10. Tell Me a Bedtime Story [add]
11. On the Red Clay [add]

Life and Love (2002) 01. How Can I Rely on You* [add]
02. Anything Is Possible [add]
03. Tonight [add]
04. Weightless [add]
05. Someway, Somehow [add]
06. Down [add]
07. Talking to Myself [add]
08. Caution to the Wind [add]
09. Steppin' Through Time [add]
10. Life and Love [add]
11. Feining for Your Love [add]
12. All Night Waiting [add]
13. Bailes' Song [add]
14. Shower Me with Your Love [add]
15. How Can I Rely on You [Love to Infinity's Soulmaster Radio Mix] [add]

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