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Wes King lyrics
Genre: Gospel
The Ultimate Underlying No Denying (1990) 01. Power in the Name [add]
02. Motivation [add]
03. Break Away [add]
04. Don't Say I Love You Too Soon [add]
05. Save Me [add]
06. Holy Ghost [add]
07. Rain on My Windshield [add]
08. Your Voice [add]
09. Getting Used to the Darkness [add]
10. That's Love [add]

Sticks & Stones (1991) 01. Sticks and Stones lyrics
02. Persuasions lyrics
03. Home Inside of Me lyrics
04. Joseph's Trouble lyrics
05. By His Wounds lyrics
06. Life on the Vine lyrics
07. In Time lyrics
08. Silently Going Under lyrics
09. Since I Was a Kid lyrics
10. Another Man lyrics
11. Breathe of God [add]

The Robe (1993) 01. I Believe lyrics
02. Second String [add]
03. The Robe [add]
04. Martin Luther [add]
05. Carolyn [add]
06. Optional Thing [add]
07. Move to the Moon [add]
08. Blame It on Me [add]
09. John [add]
10. Holy [add]

Common Creed (1995) 01. Common Creed [add]
02. Life Is Precious lyrics
03. The Love of Christ [add]
04. Mercy [add]
05. Fisher of Men [add]
06. Lazarus [add]
07. Hold On [add]
08. Salt of the Earth [add]
09. He Is the One [add]
10. Do You Tremble [add]

A Room Full of Stories (1997) 01. Simplify [add]
02. Universe Next Door [add]
03. Remember [add]
04. Thought You'd Be Here [add]
05. Good News [add]
06. Nineveh [add]
07. Magnificent Defeat [add]
08. Cover to Cover [add]
09. Who But God [add]
10. Grace [add]

Signature Songs (1999) 01. I Belive [add]
02. Life Is Precious lyrics
03. The Robe [add]
04. Common Creed [add]
05. Motivation [add]
06. Second String [add]
07. Sticks and Stones lyrics
08. The Love of Christ [add]
09. Fisher of Men [add]
10. By His Wounds lyrics

What Matters Most (2001) 01. Spin You Round [add]
02. What Matters Most lyrics
03. In a Moment [add]
04. Excavate [add]
05. Slow Miracles [add]
06. Walk With You [add]
07. Staring Down the Dog [add]
08. There Is a God [add]
09. This Is the Church [add]
10. Connie Come to Georgia [add]

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