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The Nields lyrics
Genre: Folk
Bob on the Ceiling (1994) 01. Be Nice to Me [add]
02. If This Were a Movie [add]
03. James [add]
04. Ash Wednesday [add]
05. Black Boys on Mopeds [add]
06. Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones [add]
07. Memory Leaves Town [add]
08. Boys Will Be Boys [add]
09. Where Did It Go? [add]
10. Just Like Christopher Columbus [add]

Gotta Get over Greta (1996) 01. Taxi Girl [add]
02. Gotta Get over Greta [add]
03. I Need a Doctor [add]
04. Best Black Dress [add]
05. Bullet Proof [add]
06. I Know What Kind of Love This Is [add]
07. King of the Hill [add]
08. Einstein's Daughter [add]
09. Blind [add]
10. Fountain of Youth [add]
11. Cowards [add]
12. Goodbye [add]
13. All My Pretty Horses [add]
14. Lovely Rita [add]

'Mousse (1998) 01. Daddy's Little Girl [add]
02. The Trade [add]
03. I'll Meet You in the Sky [add]
04. Cary [add]
05. Giving Them Back to Susan [add]
06. Living It Up in the Garden [add]
07. Stainless Steel [add]
08. Monster [add]
09. Einstein's Daughter [add]
10. Cool in the Backseat [add]
11. Dictator [add]
12. Kamikaze [add]
13. I Hate Mci [add]
14. 39 Orange Street [add]
15. Waco Lake [add]
16. Blind [add]
17. Julia (Not Julia) [add]
18. Superhero Soup [add]

Play (1998) 01. Easy People [add]
02. Georgia O [add]
03. In the Hush Before the Heartbreak [add]
04. Snowman [add]
05. Art of the Gun [add]
06. Negehtfortra [add]
07. Last Kisses [add]
08. Friday at the Circle K [add]
09. Check It Out [add]
10. Nebraska [add]
11. Train [add]
12. Jennifer Falling Down [add]
13. Innertube [add]
14. Tomorrowland [add]

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now (2000) 01. Jeremy Newborn Street [add]
02. Wanting [add]
03. This Town Is Wrong [add]
04. Maybe It's Love [add]
05. May Day Cafe [add]
06. Caroline Dreams [add]
07. Poem [add]
08. One Hundred Names [add]
09. Mr. Right Now [add]
10. Jack the Giant Killer [add]
11. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
12. Mercy House [add]
13. Keys to the Kingdom [add]
14. Forever [add]
15. I Still Believe in My Friends [add]

All Together Singing in the Kitchen (2007) 01. Going to the Zoo [add]
02. The Fox [add]
03. The Unicorn [add]
04. Red Red Robin [add]
05. Oh Mary Dob't You Weep [add]
06. John, The Rabbit [add]
07. Anna Kick a Hole in the Sky [add]
08. Night Rider's Lament [add]
09. Shoes: Farewell, My Parents [add]
10. Aikendrum [add]
11. Hop Up Ladies [add]
12. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [add]
13. Planting an Even Row [add]
14. Hi Ho the Rattlin' Bog [add]
15. Irish Rover [add]
16. Toes [add]
17. All Together Singing in the Kitchen [add]

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