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Peter Mulvey lyrics
Genre: Folk
Rapture (1995) 01. Rapture lyrics
02. On the Way Up lyrics
03. Question Mark lyrics
04. Smell the Future lyrics
05. The Voice lyrics
06. So Much More lyrics
07. If Love Is Not Enough [add]
08. The Whole of the Moon [add]
09. Half the Time lyrics
10. Black Rabbit [add]
11. Dog Talk [add]
12. The Dreams lyrics
13. Whole of the Moon [Live Subway Recording] [add]
14. Aurora Boreallis [add]

Deep Blue (1997) 01. Grace [add]
02. Smoke lyrics
03. Midwife [add]
04. Take This [add]
05. No Sense of Humor [add]
06. Deep Blue [add]
07. Every Mother's Son lyrics
08. Birgit lyrics
09. Out Here lyrics
10. Clap Hands [add]
11. Forever Night Shade Mary [add]

The Trouble with Poets (2000) 01. The Trouble With Poets lyrics
02. Words Too Small to Say [add]
03. Check Me Out (Hey Hey Hey) [Hey Hey Hey] [add]
04. Every Word Except Goodbye [add]
05. Wings of the Ragman [add]
06. You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams [add]
07. Eyes Front (See Through You) [See Through You] [add]
08. All the Way Home [add]
09. Bright Idea [add]
10. Tender Blindspot lyrics
11. Home [add]

Brother Rabbit Speaks (2002) 01. The Tree [add]
02. Rain Dog [add]
03. Black Rabbit [add]
04. Train Bound for Evermore [add]
05. The Moon of the Geese Losing Their Feathers [add]
06. Midwife [add]
07. The Weremoose [add]
08. Juda [add]
09. Rain Song [add]
10. Imamu [add]
11. The Voice lyrics
12. September Dawn [add]

Rain [live] (2002) 01. The Tree [add]
02. November lyrics
03. Little Foot [add]
04. Birgit lyrics
05. No Wonder lyrics
06. All in Good Fun [add]
07. The Prince [add]
08. No One Else lyrics
09. The Dreams lyrics
10. The Way That I Love You lyrics
11. September Dawn [add]

Ten Thousand Mornings (2002) 01. Stranded in a Limousine [add]
02. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [add]
03. Comes Love [add]
04. Two Janes [add]
05. Running Up the Stairs [add]
06. Mama, You Been on My Mind [add]
07. Caleb Meyer [add]
08. In Germany Before the War [add]
09. Oliver's Army [add]
10. For No One [add]
11. Rain and Snow [add]
12. The Ocean [add]

Kitchen Radio (2004) 01. Road to Mallow [add]
02. Shirt [add]
03. 29 Cent Head [add]
04. Falling [add]
05. Charlie [add]
06. Denver, 6 A.M. [add]
07. Rise [add]
08. Bloomington [add]
09. Me & Albert [add]
10. You [add]
11. Thirty [add]
12. Toad [add]
13. Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (And Faraway from Home) [add]

The Knuckleball Suite (2006) 01. Old Simon Stimson lyrics
02. Abilene (The Eisenhower Waltz) [add]
03. The Fly [add]
04. Girl in the Hi-Tops [add]
05. You and Me and the Ten Thousand Things [add]
06. Horses [add]
07. Thorn lyrics
08. Lila Blue lyrics
09. Marty and Lou [add]
10. Brady Street Stroll [add]
11. The Knuckleball Suite lyrics
12. The Fix Is On [add]
13. Coda: Ballymore [add]

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