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Bernie Krause lyrics
Genre: New Age
Citadels of Mystery (1980) 01. Machu Picchu Suite: Festival of the Sun [add]
02. Machu Picchu Suite: Heights of Machu Picchu [add]
03. Machu Picchu Suite: Flight to Urubamba [add]
04. Jambo, Jambo [add]
05. Stonehenge: A Mid-Summer's Day Dream [add]
06. Citadel, Ay Bobo [add]

Fish Wrap (1988) 01. Jungle Shoes [add]
02. Fish Wrap [add]
03. Jungle Shoes [Extended Version] [add]

Gorillas in the Mix (1989) 01. Trout from Ipanema [add]
02. Jungle Shoes [add]
03. I'm in Trouble, Turkey Corwin [add]
04. Gaia Dreams [add]
05. Ape No Mountain High Enough [add]
06. Animal Farm [add]
07. Fish Wrap [add]
08. Stomp in the Name of Love [add]

Notes from the Wild (1997) 01. Amazon Nights [add]
02. Desert Solitudes [add]
03. A Gift from the Sea [add]
04. Whales, Wolves, and Eagles of Glacier Bay [add]
05. Gorillas in the Mist [add]
06. Green Meadow Stream [add]

Rainforest Dreams (1998) 01. Evening Chorus [add]
02. Amazon Trail [add]
03. Rain Forest Dreams [add]
04. Rhythms of Rain [add]
05. Nature's Canopy [add]
06. Emerald Path [add]

Rhythms of Africa (1998) 01. Kenya Kool [add]
02. The Gathering [add]
03. Rhythms of Change [add]
04. Whispers in the Night [add]
05. Primal Trek [add]
06. Rhythms of Africa [add]

Ocean Odyssey (1998) 01. Smooth Sailing [add]
02. Evening Tides [add]
03. Endless Blue [add]
04. Bossa Beach [add]
05. Into the Deep [add]
06. Ocean Odyssey [add]

Dawn at Trout Lake (1998) 01. Trout Lake South [add]
02. Trout Lake North [add]

Kalimantan: Heaven Before Time (1998) 01. Hymn to First Light [add]
02. Prelude to a Fleeting Day [add]

Madagascar: Fragile Land (1998) 01. Ranomafana: Mountain Rainforest [add]
02. Berenty: Spiny Desert [add]

Desert Solitude (1998) 01. Dawn at Juniper Wells [add]
02. Desert Sernande [add]

Midsummer Nights (1998) 01. Nights East [add]
02. Nights West [add]

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