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David Blue lyrics
Genre: Folk
David Blue (1966) 01. The Gasman Won't Buy Your Love [add]
02. About My Love [add]
03. So Easy She Goes By [add]
04. If Your Monkey Can't Get It [add]
05. Midnight Through Morning [add]
06. It Ain't the Rain That Sweeps the Highway Clean [add]
07. Arcade Love Machine [add]
08. Grand Hotel [add]
09. Justine [add]
10. I'd Like to Know [add]
11. The Street [add]
12. It Tastes Like Candy [add]

These 23 Days in September (1968) 01. These 23 Days in September [add]
02. Ambitious Anna [add]
03. You Need a Change [add]
04. The Grand Hotel [add]
05. The Sailor's Lament [add]
06. You Will Come Back Again [add]
07. Scales for a Window Thief [add]
08. Slow and Easy [add]
09. The Fifth One [add]

Me, S. David Cohen (1970) 01. Mama Tried [add]
02. Lady Fair [add]
03. Atlanta Farewell [add]
04. Turning Towards You [add]
05. Isn't That the Way It's Supposed to Be [add]
06. Beautiful Susan [add]
07. He Holds the Wings She Wore [add]
08. Better Off Free [add]
09. Me and Patty on the Moon [add]
10. How Much My Life Means to Me [add]
11. Sara [add]

Stories (1972) 01. Looking for a Friend [add]
02. Sister Rose [add]
03. Another One Like Me [add]
04. House of Changing Faces [add]
05. Marianne lyrics
06. Fire in the Morning [add]
07. Come on John [add]
08. The Blues (All Night Long) [add]

Nice Baby and the Angel (1973) 01. Outlaw Man [add]
02. Lady O' Lady [add]
03. True to You [add]
04. On Sunday, Any Sunday [add]
05. Darlin' Jenny [add]
06. Dancing Girl [add]
07. Yesterdays Lady [add]
08. Nice Baby and the Angel [add]
09. Troubadour Song [add]
10. Train to Anaheim [add]

Com'n Back for More (1975) 01. Com'n Back for More [add]
02. Oooh Mama [add]
03. When the Rains Came [add]
04. Who Love [add]
05. Save Something (For Me Tonight) [add]
06. Lover, Lover, Lover [add]
07. Hollywood Babies [add]
08. 23 Days #2 [add]
09. Any Love at All [add]
10. Where Did It Go [add]

Cupid's Arrow (1976) 01. Run, Run, Run [add]
02. The Ballad of Jennifer Lee [add]
03. Tom's Song [add]
04. I Feel Bad [add]
05. Cordelia [add]
06. Maria, Maria [add]
07. Cupid's Arrow [add]
08. Primeval Tune [add]
09. She's Got You [add]

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