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Claudia Schmidt lyrics
Genre: Folk
Claudia Schmidt (1979) 01. Drinking Buddy [add]
02. If I Only Had a Brain [add]
03. Spoon River [add]
04. Old Woman Lament [add]
05. Lady [add]
06. Fuzzy [add]
07. Horse Theif [add]
08. Since I Fell for You [add]
09. Whale Song [add]
10. Farewell to Tarwathie [add]

Midwestern Heart (1981) 01. Give Me Some [add]
02. Man Who Visits Me [add]
03. The Darkening [add]
04. Vampire [add]
05. Broken Glass [add]
06. Farewell My Friends [add]
07. Alley Dancer [add]
08. Coming Home to You [add]
09. Afternoon on a Woodpile [add]
10. Dolphin Story [add]
11. This Is the Hour [add]

Out of the Dark (1985) 01. Happy Hearts [add]
02. Let Me In [add]
03. Hip to Be Homeless [add]
04. Birdwings I and II [add]
05. Skylark [add]
06. Can't Be Cool (For Tom) [add]
07. Gather You In [add]
08. Beginning to See the Light [add]
09. Fanfare for Forsythia (For Jane and Gus) [add]
10. Dulcimer Interlude [add]
11. San Diego Serenade [add]
12. We Hold Back [add]
13. Love Is the Strongest Thing [add]
14. Hard Love [add]
15. Tired [add]
16. Old Devil Time [add]
17. I'm a Little Cookie [add]
18. Beaver Island Jubilee, For the Birds, Replenish (For Nancy): ... [add]
19. Ashleyville [add]
20. Stairs [add]
21. Grandma's Hands [add]
22. River of Tears [add]

Big Earful (1987) 01. Bend in the River [add]
02. Pretty at the End [add]
03. Herds of Words [add]
04. You Can Call Me Baby [add]
05. Make It Across the Road [add]
06. Rock That Sucker [add]
07. Danger Zone [add]
08. You Must Believe in Spring [add]
09. Novembering [add]
10. The Last Snow [add]
11. Roads [add]

Essential Tension (1991) 01. Racer [add]
02. Black Crow [add]
03. Coming Clear [add]
04. Beltane Boogie [add]
05. Gotta Get Down (To Get Up) [add]
06. Persephone's Song [add]
07. Right from the Start [add]
08. Anniversary [add]
09. Want to Shine [add]
10. Visitor on Solstice Eve [add]
11. Tire of Going [add]
12. Invitation to the Weep [add]

While We Live (1991) 01. Tree of Life [add]
02. Going By [add]
03. Sewing a Name [add]
04. Mortal Friend [add]
05. I Wish You Were Here [add]
06. O, Little Children (From the Shaker Hymnal) [add]
07. Grandpa Johnson [add]
08. Song for Dave [add]
09. Love Is a Song [add]
10. I Had an Old Coat [add]
11. Mr. Fox [add]
12. I See the Moon [add]
13. The Garlic Waltz [add]
14. While I Live [add]

It Looks Fine from Here (1994) 01. Banana Moon [add]
02. We Don't Know [add]
03. Mowin' at Owen's [add]
04. Another Kind [add]
05. Postcard from Andrea [add]
06. Miss Eulalia Thomas [add]
07. Waltzing at the 45th Parallel [instrumental] [add]
08. Winter Love [add]
09. These Stars [add]
10. Quiet Hills [add]
11. You Can't Stop [add]
12. Rising [add]

Wings of Wonder (2000) 01. Wings of Wonder [add]
02. It All Depends [add]
03. Peter and Lois Go Round and Round [add]
04. Remember [add]
05. Friday the Loveteenth [add]
06. Chamada [add]
07. Stop to Rest [add]
08. My One and Only Love [add]
09. Somebody Else's Restaurant [add]
10. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
11. The Moon Winked at Hale-Bopp [add]
12. Livingstone's Farewell [add]

I Thought About You (2001) 01. My Ship [add]
02. Undecided [add]
03. You're Blase [add]
04. But Not for Me [add]
05. By Myself [add]
06. Love Is the Strongest Thing [add]
07. How High the Moon [add]
08. I Thought About You [add]
09. Fever [add]
10. Lucky to Be Me [add]
11. Nature Boy [add]

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