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Genre: Folk
Woman of a Calm Heart (1978) 01. Woman of a Calm Heart [add]
02. Akasha Wind [add]
03. No Baby [add]
04. Pol?ticos [add]
05. Angel in Paradise [add]
06. Tennessee Road [add]
07. Porto Limon [add]
08. The Child Within [add]
09. Manuel Garcia [add]
10. Here Comes That Rainbow Again [add]
11. Light of Love [add]

On This Day Earth Shall Ring: Songs for Christmas (1992) 01. Christmas Is Coming [add]
02. What Child Is This? [add]
03. Virgin Mary Had One Son [add]
04. Blessed Be That Maid Marie [add]
05. On This Day Earth Shall Ring [add]
06. Medley: O Christmas Tree (O Tanennbaum)/He Is Born (Is Est Ne, le Divi [add]
07. Over the Hill and over the Dale [add]
08. The Holly and the Ivy [add]
09. Pat-A-Pan [add]
10. The Ballad of Jesus Christ (AKA Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, and ...) [add]
11. La Nanita Nana [add]
12. Riu, Riu, Chiu [add]
13. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
14. Vom Himmel Hoh (O Engel Kommt!) [add]
15. I Wonder as I Wander [add]
16. Kommet Ihr Hirten (Come All Ye Shepherds) [add]
17. Silent Night [add]
18. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]

October Child (1993) 01. Three Monkeys [add]
02. Starfishes [add]
03. Sister Clarissa [add]
04. Disappearing Heart [add]
05. Paterson Summer [add]
06. Woman in the Mirror [add]
07. Rose of Sharon [add]
08. Randi's Birthday [add]
09. Stranded in the Moonlight [add]
10. The Dutchman [add]

Never Grow Old (1994) 01. Where We'll Never Grow Old [add]
02. Curtains of the Night [add]
03. Richmond on the James [add]
04. Lost Jimmy Whalen [add]
05. Master Kilby [add]
06. Bill Morgan and His Gal [add]
07. Wolves A' Howlin' [add]
08. McKinley's Rag [add]
09. Lone Pilgrim [add]
10. Mary Anne [add]
11. The Housewife's Lament [add]
12. Light of Red and Green [add]
13. Pretty Sylvia [add]
14. Oh My Little Darlin' [add]
15. Railroading on the Great Divide [add]
16. Evening Shade [add]
17. Where We'll Never Grow Old [add]

Angle of the Light (1995) 01. Yesterday's Wind [add]
02. Follow That Road [add]
03. Fighting Giants [add]
04. Sound of the Looms [add]
05. Over the Bridge [add]
06. Brown Leaves [add]
07. Dreamcatcher [add]
08. Angle of the Light [add]
09. Lover's Knot [add]
10. Forget Me Not [add]
11. Enough [add]

Never Grow Up (1998) 01. Kitty Alone [add]
02. Now He's Sorry That He Spoke [add]
03. The Thinnest Man/Alice [add]
04. Froggy Went a Courting [add]
05. Hudson River Steamboat [add]
06. Wait Till the Clouds Roll By [add]
07. Chickens They're A-Crowin' [add]
08. The Dummy Line [add]
09. Where Did You Get That Hat? [add]
10. The Colorado Trail [add]
11. Hop Along Peter [add]
12. Master of the Sheepfold [add]
13. I've Got Rings on My Fingers [add]
14. Old Blue [add]
15. Watch the Stars/At the Gate of Heaven [add]

Bittersweet Street (1998) 01. Pleiades [add]
02. Yard Dreams [add]
03. First Day of Autumn [add]
04. The Blur in the Photograph [add]
05. Cloudships [add]
06. Bittersweet Street [add]
07. Exile [add]
08. Just by Offering [add]
09. Some Boats [add]
10. New Companion [add]
11. Wait by the River [add]
12. Close the Door Lightly [add]

Paradise Lost & Found [live] (1999) 01. Stranded in the Moonlight [add]
02. Paterson Summer [add]
03. Painted Horse [add]
04. Danger [add]
05. Paradise Lost and Found [add]
06. Silken Dreams [add]
07. Spoon River [add]
08. Disappearing Heart [add]
09. This Rain [add]
10. We Become Birds [add]
11. Roll Me Home [add]
12. The Dutchman [add]
13. I Wil [add]

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