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Paul Geremia lyrics
Genre: Blues
Paul Geremia (0000) 01. Bright Sunny Days [add]
02. Elegant Hobo [add]
03. She Is as She Does [add]
04. Running to You [add]
05. Crazy Girl Blues [add]
06. Long Time Loser [add]
07. I Don't Think It Matters Any More [add]
08. Bad Luck Blues [add]
09. Outside Man [add]
10. Beside Myself [add]

My Kinda Place (1986) 01. I Just Roll Along [add]
02. Stone Sober Blues [add]
03. Stray Dog Shuffle [add]
04. Seesaw Blues [add]
05. Somethin' Gotta Be Arranged [add]
06. Diggin' Uncle Sam's Backyard [add]
07. I Really Don't Mind Livin' [add]
08. Slidell Blues [add]
09. My Kinda Place [add]
10. Nuts About That Gal [add]
11. Silver City Bound [add]
12. Money Is King [add]
13. Shuckin' Sugar Blues [add]
14. Holly [add]
15. Broke Down Engine [add]
16. Oh, Red! [add]
17. Back Door Blues [add]
18. Artificial Heart [add]
19. Savannah Mama [add]
20. Foolish Frog [add]
21. Big Walter [add]

Gamblin' Woman Blues (1993) 01. Gamblin' Woman Blues [add]
02. Cocaine Princess [add]
03. Skin Game Blues [add]
04. Nobody's Sweetheart [add]
05. Cheater's Spell [add]
06. Blues Around Midnight [add]
07. She Moves It Just Right [add]
08. Special Rider Blues [add]
09. Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down (Keep on Drinkin') [add]
10. One More Last Time [add]
11. The Things That Used to Matter [add]
12. Doctor Jazz [add]

Self Portrait in Blues (1995) 01. Wonderful Affliction [add]
02. Devil Got My Woman [add]
03. Kick It in the Country [add]
04. Midnight Hour Blues [add]
05. Shake It and Break It (But Don't Let It Fall Mama) [add]
06. Out and Down [add]
07. Henry David Thoreau [add]
08. Fool's Paradise [add]
09. Live Wire Blues [add]
10. The Truth Is on the Streets [add]
11. Drive Away Blues [add]
12. Where Did I Lose Your Love [add]
13. Leavin' Blues [add]
14. Quote [add]

Live from Uncle Sam's Backyard (1997) 01. Diggin' Uncle Sam's Backyard [add]
02. Arrangement for Me Blues [add]
03. Devil Got My Woman [add]
04. Piccolo/Kill It Kid Rag [add]
05. Rap About Hambone Willie [add]
06. Traveling Riverside Blues [add]
07. I Really Don't Mind Livin' [add]
08. Dying Crapshooter's Blues [add]
09. Ain't Nobody Home But Me [add]
10. Rap About Son House [add]
11. My Kinda Place [add]
12. The Monkey and the Baboon [add]
13. Broke Down Engine [add]
14. Holly [add]
15. Something's Gotta Be Arranged [add]
16. Big Walter [add]

Devil's Music (1999) 01. Lost Mind [add]
02. If a Woman's Love Was Whisky [add]
03. Stocking Feet Blues [add]
04. Same Old Wagon [add]
05. How'd He Do It? [add]
06. Drown in My Own Tears [add]
07. Statesboro Blues [add]
08. Terraplane Blues [add]
09. Booger Rooger Blues [add]
10. Still Think About You [add]
11. The Way to Get the Lowdown [add]
12. Chickens Come Home to Roost [add]
13. Fuller's Walking Blues [add]
14. Farewell Street Rag [add]
15. Little Silver Airplane [add]

Hard Life Rockin' Chair (2000) 01. Morning Song [add]
02. Don't Sell, Don't Give It Away [add]
03. Come Back Baby [add]
04. I'll Be Goin' [add]
05. Long Tall Mama [add]
06. Bound to Lose [add]
07. Something Different [add]
08. Hard Life Rockin' Chair [add]
09. Early Mornin' Blues [add]
10. Jones, Oh Jones [add]
11. Seein' You Go [add]
12. Kick It in the Country [add]
13. Careless Love [add]
14. Don't You Leave Me Here [add]

Love, Murder and Mosquitos (2004) 01. Meet Me in the Bottom [add]
02. Pony Blues [add]
03. Tootie Blues [add]
04. Rising River Blues [add]
05. This Morning She Was Gone [add]
06. New Bully of the Town [add]
07. Slow Mama Slow [add]
08. Another Friend Like Me [add]
09. Evil World Blues [add]
10. Mosquito Moan [add]
11. Loners' Blues [add]
12. Don't Forget It [add]
13. Bad Dream Blues [add]
14. When Your Way Gets Dark [add]
15. Frankie [add]
16. Scrapper Scraps [add]
17. Keep a Love Light [add]
18. I Feel So Good [add]

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