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Boy Sets Fire lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Day the Sun Went Out (1997) 01. Pure lyrics
02. Cringe lyrics
03. The Fine Art of Falling [add]
04. Another Badge of Courage [add]
05. Swingset lyrics
06. The Power Remains the Same [add]
07. In Hope lyrics
08. Toy Gun Anthem lyrics
09. Cadence lyrics
10. 65 Factory Outlets lyrics
11. Hometown Report Card lyrics

After the Eulogy (2000) 01. After the Eulogy [add]
02. Rookie lyrics
03. Pariah Under Glass lyrics
04. When Rhetoric Dies lyrics
05. Still Waiting for the Punchline [add]
06. The Abominations of Those Virtuous [add]
07. Our Time Honored Tradition of Cannibalism [add]
08. (Compassion) As Skull Fragments on the Wall [add]
09. My Life in the Knife Trade [add]
10. Across Five Years lyrics
11. Twelve Step Hammer Program lyrics
12. Unspoken Request lyrics
13. The Force Majuere [add]

Tomorrow Come Today (2003) 01. Eviction Article lyrics
02. Last Year's Nest lyrics
03. Full Color Guilt lyrics
04. Bathory's Sainthood lyrics
05. Dying on Principle [add]
06. Handful of Redemption lyrics
07. Release the Dogs [add]
08. Foundations to Burn [add]
09. Management vs. Labor [add]
10. High Wire Escape Artist lyrics
11. White Wedding Dress lyrics
12. On in Five [add]

The Misery Index: Notes from the Plague Years (2006) 01. Walk Astray lyrics
02. Requiem lyrics
03. Final Communique [add]
04. The Misery Index lyrics
05. (10) And Counting lyrics
06. Falling Out Theme lyrics
07. Empire lyrics
08. So Long...Thanks for the Crutches [add]
09. With Cold Eyes lyrics
10. Deja Coup lyrics
11. Social Register Fanclub lyrics
12. Nostalgic for Guillotines [add]
13. A Far Cry lyrics

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