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Alix Dobkin lyrics
Genre: Women's
Lavender Jane Loves Women (1975) 01. The Woman in Your Life [add]
02. Caledonia County [add]
03. Yella [add]
04. Eppie Morrie [add]
05. Jovano [add]
06. I Only Want to Be With You [add]
07. Little House [add]
08. Her Precious Love [add]
09. Fantasy Girl [add]
10. Quartet [add]
11. Jo's B-Day Song [add]
12. Charlie [add]
13. Beware, Young Ladies [add]
14. Talking Lesbian [add]
15. A Woman's Love [add]
16. View from Gay Head [add]

Living with Lesbians [live] (1976) 01. Living With Lesbians [add]
02. Over the Banks [add]
03. Chewing Gum [add]
04. Legnala [add]
05. Hearts and Struggles [add]
06. Good Old Dora [add]
07. Amazon ABC [add]
08. Mary B [add]
09. Toughen Up! [add]
10. Thoughts for Penny [add]
11. The Lesbian Power Authority [add]

Yahoo Australia! Live from Sydney (1990) 01. Yahoo Australia [add]
02. Shameless Hussies [add]
03. Lesbian Code [add]
04. Intimacy [add]
05. The Women of Ireland [add]
06. Women Singing in Zimbabwe [add]
07. Crushes [add]
08. Ot Azoy Neyt a Shnayder (This Is How the Tailor Sews) [add]
09. Hedda on TV [add]
10. The Girls Want to Be with the Girls [add]
11. New Ground [add]

Love & Politics: A 30 Year Saga (1992) 01. Shinin' Thru' [add]
02. The Woman in Your Life [add]
03. A Woman's Love [add]
04. View from Gay Head [add]
05. Over the Banks [add]
06. Mary B [add]
07. Amazon ABC [add]
08. My Lesbian Wars [add]
09. If It Wasn't for the Woman [add]
10. A Mother Knows [add]
11. Just Like a Woman [add]
12. Denny's Tune [add]
13. Theme from "Getting Ready" [add]
14. Never Been Better [add]
15. Some Boys [add]
16. These Women [add]
17. Yahoo Australia [add]
18. Crushes [add]
19. Intimacy [add]
20. Lesbian Code [add]

Living with Lavender Jane (1998) 01. The Woman in Your Life Is You [add]
02. Caledonia County [add]
03. Eppie Morrie [add]
04. Jovano [add]
05. I Only Want to Be With You [add]
06. The Little House [add]
07. Her Precious Love [add]
08. Fantasy Girl [add]
09. Quartet [add]
10. Jo's B-Day Song [add]
11. Charlie [add]
12. Beware, Young Ladies [add]
13. Talking Lesbian [add]
14. A Woman's Love [add]
15. View from Gay Head [add]
16. Hug-Ee-Boo [add]

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