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Larry Long lyrics
Genre: Folk
It Takes a Lot of People ... [live] (1988) 01. Bound for Glory [add]
02. Woddy Guthrie 'Love' Quotation [add]
03. It Takes a Lot of People [add]
04. Woody Guthrie 'Direction' Quotation [add]
05. Ballad of the Great Land Rush [add]
06. Woody Guthrie 'Kids' Quotation [add]
07. Barnyard [add]
08. Talking Fishing Blues [add]
09. Woody Guthrie 'Freedom' Quotation [add]
10. Boley [add]
11. Song of Thanks [add]
12. Oh, Freedom [add]
13. Oklahoma Hills [add]
14. Okemah Waltz [add]
15. Woody Guthrie 'Bound for Glory' Quotation [add]
16. Talking Okemah Town [add]
17. Woody Guthrie 'This Is Our World' Quotation/This Is Your Land [add]
18. This Land Is Your Land [add]

Troubadour (1992) 01. One Year After [add]
02. I Am the Water [add]
03. Feathers of Sunlight [add]
04. I Don't Believe in Violence [add]
05. Grandpa [add]
06. Catfish Rag [add]
07. Lucky Jacob [add]
08. Polly [add]
09. Broken Houses [add]
10. In My Neighborhood [add]
11. Bobby's Saxophone [add]
12. Amazing Grace [add]
13. Farewell, My Friend [add]

Living in a Rich Man's World (1995) 01. Hauling Freight, No Fences [add]
02. Western Plains [add]
03. Rain Is Falling [add]
04. Back to Montana [add]
05. Matthias Dahl- The Violin Maker [add]
06. Got to Have Money to Make Money [add]
07. Agent Orange (My Country Tis of Thee) [add]
08. Pope County Blues [add]
09. Uncle Mel [add]
10. The Band Played the Beer Barrel Polka [add]
11. Working Shoes [add]
12. Dancing [add]
13. Se?orita [add]
14. Dr. Maissey [add]
15. Living in a Rich Man's World [add]
16. Timber of Love [add]
17. Hennessy's Bar [add]
18. Farm Song [add]

Here I Stand: Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song (1996) 01. Arthur Slater [add]
02. My Charge to Keep [add]
03. Charge to Keep I Have [add]
04. Jerry Hall [add]
05. I've Got Work to Do [add]
06. Danny Garcia [add]
07. Guadalajara, Mexico [add]
08. Sally Goodin' [add]
09. Mary Stuart [add]
10. Old Camp Hill [add]
11. Walter Frederick Browder [add]
12. My Little Town [add]
13. Lily Mae Stewart/The Charming Black Mustache [add]
14. Hard Times, Good Times in Coffee Springs [add]
15. Karen Cato [add]
16. I Will Sing Alleluia, Oh Lord [add]
17. Atha Thacker [add]
18. Hey Coal Miner [add]
19. Dana Williams and Lillian Diehl [add]
20. Wash Day Is Every Day [add]
21. Ezra Cunningham [add]
22. Way Down Yonder in the White Man's Field [add]
23. Lewis Martin, Jr [add]
24. I Know My Redeemer Lives [add]
25. Bill Godwin [add]
26. Not a Hog Thief or a Liar [add]
27. Gladys Milton [add]
28. Why Not Me, Lord [add]
29. Walter Frederick Browder [add]

Well May the World Go (2000) 01. Chicky, Chicky Boom [add]
02. No Jobs in Texas [add]
03. Down With the Ku Klux Klan [add]
04. Somalia [add]
05. Sugar [add]
06. All the Way to Paradise [add]
07. Brazil [add]
08. Ramona [add]
09. Muscovite Feel Alright [add]
10. Some Things Are Not for Sale [add]
11. Well May the World Go [add]
12. Sweet Lura Rose [add]

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