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Hazel Dickens lyrics
Genre: Country
Hazel & Alice (1973) 01. Mining Camp Blues [add]
02. Hello Stranger [add]
03. The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia [add]
04. A Few More Years [add]
05. Two Soldiers [add]
06. The Sweetest Gift, a Mother's Smile [add]
07. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone [add]
08. My Better Years [add]
09. Custom Made Woman Blues [add]
10. Don't Put Her Down, You Helped Put Her There [add]
11. You Gave Me a Song [add]
12. Pretty Bird [add]
13. Gallop to Kansas [instrumental] [add]

Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard (1975) 01. Let That Liar Alone [add]
02. When I Loved You [add]
03. Working Girl Blues [add]
04. West Virginia, My Home [add]
05. Mama's Gonna Stay [add]
06. Montana Cowboy [add]
07. Mean Papa Blues [add]
08. Nice Like That [add]
09. Mary Johnson [add]
10. Ramblin Woman [add]
11. Beaufort County Jail [add]
12. Banjo Picking Girl [add]
13. James Alley Blues [add]
14. True Life Blues [add]

Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People (1980) 01. Busted [add]
02. Aragon Mill [add]
03. Old Calloused Hands [add]
04. Scraps from Your Table [add]
05. Out Among the Stars [add]
06. West Virginia, My Home [add]
07. Tomorrow's Already Lost [add]
08. Lonesome Pine Special [add]
09. Lost Patterns [add]
10. Beautiful Hills of Galilee [add]
11. Rocking Chair Blues [add]
12. They'll Never Keep Us Down [add]

By the Sweat of My Brow (1983) 01. Beyond the River Bend [add]
02. Only the Lonely [add]
03. By the Sweat of My Brow [add]
04. Mama's Hand [add]
05. Little Lenaldo [add]
06. Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again [add]
07. Go Away With Me [add]
08. Your Greedy Heart [add]
09. Scars from an Old Love [add]
10. The Ballad of Ira Hayes [add]
11. Old and in the Way [add]
12. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow [add]

It's Hard to Tell the Singer From the Song (1986) 01. You'll Get No More of Me [add]
02. A Few Old Memories [add]
03. Do Memories Haunt You? [add]
04. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [add]
05. Hills of Home [add]
06. Don't Brother to Cry [add]
07. It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song [add]
08. Only a Hobo [add]
09. Will Jesus Wash the Bloodstains from Your Hands? lyrics
10. California Cottonfeilds [add]
11. Play Us a Waltz [add]

A Few Old Memories (1987) 01. A Few Old Memories [add]
02. Beyond the River Bend [add]
03. Busted [add]
04. Old and in the Way [add]
05. It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song [add]
06. Don't Bother to Cry [add]
07. Hills of Home [add]
08. Pretty Bird [add]
09. Only the Lonely [add]
10. Coal Tattoo [add]
11. Little Lenaldo [add]
12. Old Calloused Hands [add]
13. Scars from an Old Love [add]
14. You'll Get No More of Me [add]
15. Mama's Hand [add]
16. Working Girl Blues [add]
17. West Virginia, My Home [add]
18. Play Us a Waltz [add]

Pioneering Women of Bluegrass (1996) 01. TB Blues (Or They're at Rest Together) [add]
02. The One I Love Is Gone [add]
03. Who's That Knocking? [add]
04. Walkin' in My Sleep [add]
05. Won't You Come and Sing for Me? [add]
06. Can't You Hear Me Callin' [add]
07. Darling Nellie Across the Sea [add]
08. Coal Miner's Blues [add]
09. Sugar Tree Stomp [add]
10. Train on the Island [add]
11. Cowboy Jim [add]
12. Lee Highway Blues [add]
13. Memories of Mother and Dad [add]
14. Long Black Veil [add]
15. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar [add]
16. Difficult Run [add]
17. Mommy, Please Stay Home With Me [add]
18. Gabriel's Call [add]
19. Just Another Broken Heart [add]
20. A Distant Land to Roam [add]
21. John Henry [add]
22. I Just Got Wise [add]
23. Lover's Return [add]
24. A Tiny Broken Heart [add]
25. Take Me Back to Tulsa [add]
26. I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling [add]

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