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Si Kahn lyrics
Genre: Folk
New Wood (1974) 01. Gone Gonna Rise Again [add]
02. Backroom Lady [add]
03. Like Butter Loves Bread [add]
04. Brookside Strike [add]
05. Better Half of You [add]
06. Talking Politician [add]
07. New Year's Eve [add]
08. Mervin Barn [add]
09. Truck Drivin' Woman [add]
10. Blue Ribbon for the Boys at the Bar [add]
11. Lawrence Jones [add]
12. First Time at a War [add]
13. Moonshine Man [add]
14. Aragon Mill [add]
15. Rack 'Em Up Eddie [add]
16. Curtains of Old Joe's House [add]
17. Sunrise [add]

I'll Be There: Songs for Jobs with Justice (1989) 01. So Long Ago [add]
02. Working Away [add]
03. Generations [add]
04. Some Sweet Day [add]
05. Good Old Days [add]
06. I'll Be There [add]
07. Every Door [add]
08. Jobs With Justice [add]
09. Lady of the Harbor [add]
10. Daddy Don't You Tell No Lies [add]
11. What Will I Leave [add]

I Have Seen Freedom (1991) 01. I Have Seen Freedom [add]
02. Nobody's But Mine [add]
03. Engagement Song [add]
04. Old Jack Davey lyrics
05. Going, Going, Gone [add]
06. John Brown [add]
07. Dreamers [add]
08. Black, Red, White and Blue [add]
09. They All Sang "Bread and Roses" [add]
10. Woman to Woman [add]
11. Love Is the Quilt [add]
12. El Norte [add]
13. Where Have All the Good Times Gone [add]
14. Queen of the River [add]
15. Walking Down the Road [add]
16. Season of Peace [add]

Good Times and Bedtimes (1993) 01. No More Bedtimes [add]
02. Eight O'Clock Midnight Snack [add]
03. I'm Not Gonna Go to Sleep [add]
04. I Can't Hear My Parents Call [add]
05. Under the Bed [add]
06. Brush to the North [add]
07. You Gotta Have a Peanut Butter Song [add]
08. Bark in the Dark [add]
09. Babysitter [add]
10. Will You Remember? [add]
11. I'm Gonna Stay in the Bathtub 'Til the Soap Disappears [add]
12. What's That Noise [add]
13. Underneath the Covers With My Flashlight On [add]
14. One Glass of Water [add]
15. Shine On [add]
16. No More Bedtimes (Reprise) [add]

In My Heart: Live in Holland (1994) 01. Gone Gonna Rise Again [add]
02. Aragon Mill [add]
03. Mississippi Summer [add]
04. Farewell to Ireland [add]
05. Gentle With Me Darling [add]
06. What You Do With What You've Got [add]
07. Last Good War [add]
08. The Senator [add]
09. Brookside Strike [add]
10. Luray Women [add]
11. Children of Poland [add]
12. What Will I Leave [add]
13. Cold Frosty Morning [add]
14. Wild Rose of the Mountain [add]
15. Rock Me, Roll Me [add]
16. Molly in the Mill [add]
17. Curtains of Old Joe's House [add]
18. People Like You [add]
19. Crossing the Border [add]
20. Welcome to the World [add]
21. Detroit, December [add]
22. If I Live [add]
23. Lady of the Harbor [add]
24. In My Heart [add]

Companion (1997) 01. Bone to Bone [add]
02. We Have Come a Long Long Way [add]
03. Compa?era [add]
04. Friendship [add]
05. Warriors [add]
06. Shines in the Light [add]
07. Burning the Fields [add]
08. Another Year [add]
09. Sailing Down the Hudson [add]
10. When the Shore Is Out of Sight [add]
11. Friend of Mine [add]
12. Love Like Freedom [add]
13. Sixteen [add]
14. Journey Through This Life [add]

Been a Long Time (2000) 01. Going Down to the Old Home Place [add]
02. Houses on the Hill [add]
03. Hear on the Hill [add]
04. Been a Long Time [add]
05. Long Way to Harlan [add]
06. Just a Lie [add]
07. Tarpaper Shacks [add]
08. First Time Lover [add]
09. Dancing With the Johnson Boys [add]
10. Brown Lung Blues [add]
11. Grandma [add]
12. Where the Song Never Ends [add]

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