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John McCutcheon lyrics
Genre: Folk
Wind That Shakes the Barley (1977) 01. Wind That Shakes the Barley, Morpeth's Rant, Saten Island [add]
02. Planxty George Brabazon, Si Bheag Si Mhor [add]
03. Every Bush and Tree [add]
04. Dallas Rag [add]
05. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [add]
06. Carter Store Medley: Wildwood Flower/Red Wing/Wake up Susan/Temperance [add]
07. Sculley's Reel, Morrison's Jig [add]
08. If I Were a Featherbed [add]
09. St. Anne's Reel/Cricket on the Hearth/Kitchen Girl/Mississippi Sawyer [add]
10. Sally in the Garden/Wild Rose of the Mountain [add]
11. Who Will Sing for Me? [add]
12. Hangman's Reel/Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap [add]
13. Greensleeves [add]

Barefoot Boy with Boots On (1980) 01. Loggerman's Breakdown/Dulcimer Reel [add]
02. Little Pink [add]
03. Free Little Bird [add]
04. Laurel Branch/Ways of the World/Sugar in the Gourd [add]
05. Pay Day [add]
06. Barefoot Boy with Boots On [add]
07. Under the Double Eagle [add]
08. West Virginia Mining Disaster/Which Side Are You On? [add]
09. Forked Deer [add]
10. Little Moses [add]
11. Unst Wedding March/Fanny Poer/Planxty Irwin [add]
12. Deep Settled Peace [add]
13. Peek-A-Boo Waltz/Niskayuna Ramble [add]
14. Ninety Years Old [add]

Fine Times at Our House (1982) 01. Wild Rose of the Mountain/Wild Rose of the Mountain [add]
02. Hale's Rag [add]
03. Nancy Ann/Hey, John D., Where'd You Get Your Britches? [add]
04. Lonesome John/Fine Times at Our House [add]
05. Amelia's [add]
06. Samanthra [add]
07. I Am the Bravest Cowboy/Cowboy's Dream [add]
08. Times Are Not What They Used to Be [add]
09. Grandpa's Waltz/Clarinet Polka [add]
10. Sally Ann [add]
11. Back Side of Albany/Cooley's Reel [add]
12. Carolan's Farewell to Music [add]

Howjadoo (1983) 01. Cut the Cake [add]
02. Howjadoo [add]
03. Molly and the Whale/Rubber Blubber Whale [add]
04. John Henry [add]
05. All God's Critters [add]
06. Peanut Butter/Peanut Butter [add]
07. Babysitter [add]
08. Pap's Billygoat [add]
09. Here's to Cheshire, Here's to Cheese (Froggy) [add]
10. Rustic Dance [add]
11. Father Grumble [add]
12. Tender Shepherd [add]

Winter Solstice (1984) 01. Christmas Day Ida Moarnin/Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabella [add]
02. Erev Shel Shoshanim [add]
03. Willie's Waltz [add]
04. Christmas in the Trenches [add]
05. Star in the East [add]
06. Old Christmas Morning/Breaking Up Christmas [add]
07. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head [add]
08. For Unto Us a Child Is Born [add]
09. Huron Carol [add]
10. Detroit, December [add]
11. Down in Yon Forest/New Year's Eve [add]

Signs of the Times (1986) 01. Long Time Traveling/Long Time Friend [add]
02. One Thin Swimsuit [add]
03. Welcome to the World/Willie's Waltz [add]
04. One Strong Arm [add]
05. Government on Horseback [add]
06. No Mas [add]
07. Music in Your Hands [add]
08. The Senator [add]
09. Signs of the Times [add]
10. Lament [add]
11. If I Were a Featherbed [add]
12. Here Is My Home [add]
13. If I Were a Featherbed [add]
14. Friend and Companion [add]
15. Suprise, Suprise, Suprise [add]
16. Here Is My Home [add]

Step by Step (1986) 01. Reel a Bouche [add]
02. Santiago [add]
03. Carolan's Welcome/Lord Inchiquin [add]
04. Frenchie's Reel/Denver Belle [add]
05. St. Krispajn's Cobblersguild Tune/Planting the Maypole/Krebbel Giant's [add]
06. Step by Step [add]
07. I Shall Arise [add]
08. Robbin Peter to Pay Paul [add]
09. Babylon Is Fallen [add]
10. Earl Eddy's Favorite/Snowflake Breakdown [add]
11. Derrota de Don Quixote [add]

Gonna Rise Again (1987) 01. Water from Another Time [add]
02. Harriet Tubman [add]
03. Long Way Back to Georgia [add]
04. The Young Ones Don't Remember [add]
05. Caught in the Crossfire [add]
06. Satisfied Mind [add]
07. The Farmer Is the Woman [add]
08. Dearest Martha [add]
09. Gone Gonna Rise Again [add]

Mail Myself to You (1988) 01. Over in the Meadow [add]
02. Mail Myself to You [add]
03. Barnyard Dance [add]
04. Sly Old Crow/Old Blair Store [add]
05. The Awful Hilly Daddy-Willie Trip [add]
06. Teddy Bear [add]
07. New Car [add]
08. I'm a Little Cookie [add]
09. Somos el Barco [add]
10. Hambone [add]
11. Kindergarten Wall [add]
12. Turn Around [add]

Water from Another Time (1989) 01. The Great Storm Is Over [add]
02. Little Pink [add]
03. Reel a Bouche [add]
04. Rubber Blubber Whale [add]
05. Planzty George Bradazon [add]
06. Christmans in the Trenches [add]
07. Caught in the Crossfire [add]
08. Back Side of Albany/Cooley's Reel [add]
09. Wild Rose of the Mountain/Wild Rose of the Mountain [add]
10. Water from Another Time [add]
11. The Red Corvette [add]
12. Loggerman's Breakdown/Dulcimer Reel [add]
13. Cut the Cake [add]
14. One Strong Arm [add]
15. For Unto Us a Child Is Born [add]
16. Feather Bed [add]
17. No Mas! [add]
18. Step by Step [add]
19. How Can I Keep from Singing? [add]
20. Kindergarten Wall [add]

What It's Like (1990) 01. Cup of Coffee [add]
02. Know When to Move [add]
03. One Man's Trash [add]
04. Leviathan [add]
05. This Time of Year [add]
06. Ask Any Farmer [add]
07. Stone by Stone [add]
08. World Turned Upside Down [add]
09. Room Here for Another [add]
10. No Turning Back Now [add]
11. The Silver Run [add]
12. What It's Like [add]

Live at Wolf Trap (1991) 01. Calling All the Children Home [add]
02. The Hours After/Lonesome John/Reel ? Bouche/Leather Britches [add]
03. Stole and Sold from Africa [add]
04. Black Sea [add]
05. Old Brown's Head Light [add]
06. Joe Hill [add]
07. Going, Going, Gone [add]
08. High Hearts [add]
09. Cut the Cake [add]
10. Reasons to Believe [add]
11. Where Were You When [add]
12. Yesterday's Fools [add]
13. Christmas in the Trenches [add]
14. Copper River Bounce/Money Musk [add]
15. The Water Is Wide [add]

Family Garden (1993) 01. Little White Star [add]
02. Family Garden [add]
03. Imaginary Friend [add]
04. Phobias [add]
05. Baseball on the Block [add]
06. Family Revival [add]
07. How Many People [add]
08. Traveling in the Wilderness [add]
09. Watermelon lyrics
10. Happy Adoption Day [add]
11. Dad's Got That Look [add]
12. If I Ran the World [add]
13. Is My Family [add]

Between the Eclipse (1994) 01. S'posed to Do [add]
02. Mending Fences [add]
03. Dark-Haired Woman [add]
04. Woman Like You [add]
05. Old Coat [add]
06. Same Small Town [add]
07. Happened to Me [add]
08. She [add]
09. We Shall Rise [add]
10. Half a World Away [add]

Four Seasons: Summersongs (1995) 01. Swimming Hole [add]
02. Mud [add]
03. Haircut [add]
04. Meteors/The Perseid [add]
05. Kid Who Hates Summer [add]
06. Dad and Me [add]
07. Camping in the Wilderness [add]
08. Ice Cream Man [add]
09. Power Mower [add]
10. Riding My Bike [add]
11. Own Backyard [add]
12. I Love Summer [add]

Four Seasons: Wintersongs (1995) 01. New Boots [add]
02. tommy Don't Lick That Pipe [add]
03. Hot Chocolate [add]
04. Soup [add]
05. Wintersong [add]
06. Aurora [add]
07. Hibernation [add]
08. The Flu [add]
09. Waiting for Snow [add]
10. Fly [add]
11. Groundhog Day [add]
12. Footprints [add]

Nothing to Lose (1995) 01. Leftovers [add]
02. Each Season It's the Same [add]
03. The Way It's Supposed to Be [add]
04. Walk On [add]
05. The Memory of Old Jack [add]
06. Nothing to Lose [add]
07. Losers Like You [add]
08. Here on the Islands [add]
09. Paint Me a Picture [add]
10. Lefty's Bar Tonight [add]
11. My Old Man [add]
12. Wish You Goodnight [add]

Sprout Wings and Fly (1997) 01. Who'll Rock the Cradle [add]
02. Reuben [add]
03. Over the Garden Wall [add]
04. Jack of Diamonds [add]
05. Wheels/Time the Turncoat [add]
06. Ludlow Massacre [add]
07. Sweet Sunny South [add]
08. Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
09. Heaven's Wake [add]
10. Road to Bangor/Morrison's [add]
11. Oh Death [add]
12. Hangman's Reel [add]
13. Time Has Made a Change in Me [add]
14. Cumberland Gap [add]

Bigger Than Yourself (1997) 01. I Got a Dime [add]
02. The Principle [add]
03. Whatchagonnabe? [add]
04. Write It Down [add]
05. Someone Else Decide [add]
06. Friendship [add]
07. Play Fair [add]
08. Kids on Strike [add]
09. Still the Ones for Me [add]
10. Stick Together [add]
11. Sing Me [add]
12. Friends Don't Let Friends [add]
13. Running for President [add]
14. Safe at Home [add]
15. Bigger Than Yourself [add]

Doing Our Job [live] (1997) 01. Well May the World Go [add]
02. Northfield/Pass the Music On [add]
03. Pastures of Plenty [add]
04. Our Mothers Built This City [add]
05. Doing My Job [add]
06. Every Night [add]
07. I Don't Care [add]
08. Hard Cider [add]
09. Dead Man Walking [add]
10. Make It Right [add]
11. River Gonna Carry Me [add]
12. Heaven Help [add]
13. The Older I Get [add]
14. Starlight [add]
15. Welcome the Traveler Home [add]

Four Seasons: Autumnsongs (1998) 01. It's Fall [add]
02. New Kid in School [add]
03. The Pumpkin Man [add]
04. Halloween [add]
05. World Series '57 [add]
06. Bird Dog [add]
07. Campfire [add]
08. Thanksgiving Day [add]
09. Natural Disaster [add]
10. Colors [add]
11. Si Se Puede [add]
12. Labor Day [add]

Four Seasons: Springsongs (1999) 01. Hope I Make It [add]
02. April Fool [add]
03. Spring Fever [add]
04. Going to the Prom [add]
05. Spring Cleaning [add]
06. Snow in April [add]
07. Fishin' [add]
08. Dog's Life [add]
09. Grounded [add]
10. Junk Mail [add]
11. Frog on a Log [add]
12. Summer Is A-Coming [add]

Storied Ground (1999) 01. Jericho [add]
02. Vultures [add]
03. Cross That Line [add]
04. Key to the City [add]
05. Homecoming Time [add]
06. Two Foot Seam [add]
07. From Us [add]
08. Closing the Bookstore [add]
09. Crazy or Courageous [add]
10. One More Mountaintop [add]
11. The Abby D [add]
12. Piece by Piece [add]

Supper's on the Table... (2001) 01. Immigrant [#] [add]
02. Who'll Rock the Cradle [add]
03. Mending Fences [add]
04. Calling All the Children Home [add]
05. Labor Day [add]
06. Dead Man Walking [add]
07. Leviathan [add]
08. The Principle [add]
09. Room at the Top of the Stair [#] lyrics
10. Jericho [add]
11. Snow in April [add]
12. The Memory of Old Jack [add]
13. Adoption Day [add]
14. Soup [add]
15. Closing the Bookstore Down [add]
16. Meteors/The Perseid [add]
17. Starlight [add]

Greatest Story Never Told (2002) 01. The Greatest Story Never Told [add]
02. Ghosts of the Good Old Days [add]
03. Dancing in the Street [add]
04. Last First Kiss [add]
05. Barbershop [add]
06. Children of Abraham [add]
07. Extend a Hand [add]
08. Follow the Light [add]
09. Not in My Name [add]
10. When I Grow Up [add]
11. Used to Be [add]
12. Walk on Water [add]
13. One in a Million [add]

Mightier Than the Sword (2006) 01. Our Flag Was Still There [add]
02. La Mujer de Don Miguel [add]
03. Claudette Colvin Goes to Work [add]
04. Good Ol' Girls [add]
05. Dead Man Walking [add]
06. Cultivo una Rosa Blanca [add]
07. Harness Up the Day [add]
08. Single Girl [add]
09. Sail Away [add]
10. Old Cap Moore [add]
11. Para Mi Coraz?n Basta Tu Pecho [add]
12. It's the Economy, Stupid [add]
13. Jayber Crow's Silly Song About Jesus [add]
14. Ode to Common Things [add]

Hail to the Chief! (2007) 01. Ashcroft's Army [add]
02. Monkeys [add]
03. Talking Tinky-Winky Blues [add]
04. Hail to the Chief [add]
05. I'm Packin' [add]
06. The List [add]
07. Take Back the Night [add]
08. Let's Keep It Straight [add]
09. John Rocker [add]
10. It's the Economy, Stupid [add]
11. Picture of Jesus [add]
12. Talking Pat & Jerry Blues [add]
13. I Am Here [add]

Stand Up!: Broadsides for Our Times (2007) 01. Duct Tape [add]
02. Boys in Green [add]
03. Let's Pretend [add]
04. We Know War [add]
05. Black Sea [add]
06. At the Moment [add]
07. Different [add]
08. Love & Understanding [add]
09. Streets of Sarajevo [add]
10. Hey Little Ant [add]
11. We Are Not Alone [add]
12. The Masters [add]
13. Laz'rus [add]
14. Stand Up [add]

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