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Califone lyrics
Genre: Rock
Califone (1998) 01. On the Steeple [add]
02. Silvermine Pictures [add]
03. Pastry Sharp [add]
04. To Hush a Sick Transmission [add]
05. Dime Fangs [add]
06. Red Food Ole Heat [add]
07. Down Eisenhower Sun Up [add]

Roomsound (2001) 01. Trout Silk [add]
02. Bottles and Bones (Shades and Sympathy) [add]
03. Fisherman's Wife [add]
04. Porno Starlet vs. Rodeo Clown [add]
05. Tayzee Nub [add]
06. Slow RT. Hand [add]
07. St. Augustine (A Bell Full of Swans) [add]
08. Wade in the Water [add]
09. Rattlesnakes Smell Like Split Cucumber [add]
10. New Black Tooth [add]

Deceleration One (2002) 01. Handpainted Halo [add]
02. Ceiling - Rooftops [add]
03. Static - Face Under Hat [add]
04. Old Streetside - Parade Queen [add]
05. Milk Waltz [add]
06. Dirt Moon - Lakewater [add]
07. Parachutes - Peel - Intro [add]
08. Sleepy Child - Monkey, Cat, Ballerina, Hood - Dog Sold - ... [add]
09. Devil Springs Fully Formed from Spilt Whiskey - Hell Orchestra [add]
10. Glass Choir - Cat Fights Devil - Garlic Head Clown - Dog Feeds Orange [add]

Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (2002) 01. On the Steeple [add]
02. Silvermine Pictures [add]
03. Pastry Sharp [add]
04. To Hush a Sick Transmission [add]
05. Dime Fangs [add]
06. Red Food Old Heat [add]
07. Down the Eisenhower Sun Up w/Mule [add]
08. Electric Fence [add]
09. St. Martha Let It Fold [add]
10. Beneath the Yachtsman [add]
11. Don't Let Me Die Nervous [add]
12. Dock Boggs [add]
13. To Hush a Sick Transmission [*] [add]
14. When the Snakehandler Slips [*] [add]

Quicksand/Cradlesnakes (2003) 01. One [add]
02. Horoscopic. Amputation. Honey [add]
03. Michigan Girls [add]
04. Cat Eats Coyote [add]
05. Your Golden Ass [add]
06. (Red) [add]
07. Million Dollar Funeral [add]
08. When Leon Spinx Moved into Town [add]
09. Mean Little Seed [add]
10. Vampiring Again [add]
11. Slower Train [add]
12. Stepdaughter [add]

Deceleration Two (2003) 01. Francis [add]
02. Fireworks (No Mail Days Are Sad Days) I [add]
03. Fireworks (No Mail Days Are Sad Days) II [add]
04. Fireworks (No Mail Days Are Sad Days) III [add]
05. Salome: The Moon Is Chaste. She Is Like a Little Piece of Money [add]
06. Salome: In the Palace of Herod [add]
07. Salome: Effeminate Soldiers at the Cage of Jokaanan/Salome Hears ... [add]
08. Salome: ..Suffer Me to Touch Thy Body...Touch Thy Hair...Kiss Thy ... [add]
09. Salome: The Young Syrian Slays Himself/Herod Slips in a Pool of Blood [add]
10. Salome: I Love to See a Fruit in the Mark of Thy Little Teeth [add]
11. Salome: Whatsoever Thou Shalt Ask of Me, If Thou Wilt But Dance ... [add]
12. Salome: She Dances [add]
13. Salome: I Ask the Head of Jokaanan in a Silver Charger [add]
14. Salome: Skull Ring in the Fist of the Executioner [add]
15. Salome: I Will Not Look at Things, I Will Not Suffer Things to Look at [add]
16. Salome: I Have Kissed Thy Mouth [add]

Heron King Blues (2004) 01. Wingbone [add]
02. Trick Bird [add]
03. Sawtooth Sung a Cheater's Song [add]
04. Apple [add]
05. Lion & Bee [add]
06. 2 Sisters Drunk on Each Other [add]
07. Heron King Blues [add]
08. Outro [add]

Roots & Crowns (2006) 01. Pink & Sour [add]
02. Spider's House [add]
03. Sunday Noises [add]
04. The Eye You Lost in the Crusades [add]
05. A Chinese Actor [add]
06. Our Kitten Sees Ghosts [add]
07. Alice Crawley [add]
08. The Orchids [add]
09. Burned by the Christians [add]
10. Black Metal Valentine [add]
11. Rose-Petal-Ear [add]
12. 3Legged Animals [add]
13. If You Would [add]

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