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Djam Karet lyrics
Genre: Rock
Reflections from the Firepool (1989) 01. The Sky Opens Twice [add]
02. Fall of the Monkeywalk [add]
03. Run Cerberus Run [add]
04. Scenes from the Electric Circus [add]
05. Animal Origin [add]
06. All Doors Look Alike [add]
07. The Red Monk [add]
08. Reflections from the Firepool [add]

Burning the Hard City (1991) 01. At the Mountains of Madness [add]
02. Province 10: The Visage of War [add]
03. Feast of Ashes [add]
04. Gromming the Psychosis [add]
05. Topanga Safari [add]
06. Tehn Days to the Sand [add]
07. Burning the Hard City [add]

Suspension and Displacement (1991) 01. Dark Clouds, No Rain [add]
02. 8:15-No Safe Place [add]
03. Angels Without Wings [add]
04. Consider Figure Three [add]
05. Erosion [add]
06. Severed Moon [add]
07. The Naked & The Dead [add]
08. Gordon's Basement [add]
09. Acity With Two Tales: Part One Revisited 1990 [add]

Collaborator (1994) 01. Solar Flare [add]
02. Gondwanaland [add]
03. The Anointing of the Sick [add]
04. The Day After [add]
05. Foreign Lesion [add]
06. The 17th Karmapa [add]
07. Moorings [add]
08. Cliff Spirits [add]
09. Submersion [add]
10. Food Chain [add]
11. Salt Road [add]
12. The Fearful Void [add]

Devouring (1997) 01. Night of the Mexican Goat Sucker [add]
02. Forbidden by Rule [add]
03. Lost, But Not Forgotten [add]
04. Lights over Roswell [add]
05. Myth of a White Jesus [add]
06. The River of No Return [add]
07. Room 40 [add]
08. The Indian Problem [add]
09. The Pinzler Method [add]
10. Old Soldiers' Disease [add]

Live at Orion (1999) 01. Technolgy and Industries [add]
02. Familiar Winds [add]
03. Forbidden by Rule [add]
04. Reflection from the Firepool [add]
05. Province 19: The Visage of War [add]
06. Shaman's Descent [add]
07. Jamin at Mike & J's [add]
08. Run Cerberus Run [add]

New Dark Age (2001) 01. No Man's Land [add]
02. Exlipse of Faith [add]
03. Web of Medea [add]
04. Demon Train [add]
05. All Clear [add]
06. Raising Orpheus [add]
07. Kali's Indifference [add]
08. Alone With the River Man [add]
09. Going Home [add]
10. Eulogy [add]

A Night For Baku (2003) 01. Dream Portal [add]
02. Hungry Ghost [add]
03. Chimera Moon [add]
04. Heads of Ni-Oh [add]
05. Scary Circus [add]
06. The Falafel King [add]
07. Sexy Beast [add]
08. Ukab Maerd [add]
09. The Red Thread [add]

Recollection Harvest (2005) 01. The March to the Sea of Tranquility [add]
02. Dr. Money [add]
03. The Packing House [add]
04. The Gypsy and the Hegemon [add]
05. Recollection Harvest [add]
06. Indian Summer [add]
07. Open Roads [add]
08. The Great Plains of North Dakota [add]
09. Dark Oranges [add]
10. Twilight in Ice Canyon [add]
11. Requiem [add]

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