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Pet Shop Boys lyrics
Genre: Rock
Please (1986) 01. Two Divided by Zero lyrics
02. West End Girls [add]
03. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) [add]
04. Love Comes Quickly [add]
05. Suburbia lyrics
06. Opportunities (Reprise) [add]
07. Tonight Is Forever lyrics
08. Violence lyrics
09. I Want a Lover [add]
10. Later Tonight lyrics
11. Why Don't We Live Together lyrics

Actually (1987) 01. One More Chance lyrics
02. What Have I Done to Deserve This? [add]
03. Shopping lyrics
04. Rent lyrics
05. Hit Music lyrics
06. It Couldn't Happen Here lyrics
07. It's a Sin [add]
08. I Want to Wake Up [add]
09. Heart [add]
10. King's Cross lyrics

Introspective (1988) 01. Left to My Own Devices lyrics
02. I Want a Dog [add]
03. Domino Dancing lyrics
04. I'm Not Scared lyrics
05. Always on My Mind/In My House [add]
06. It's Alright lyrics

Behavior (1990) 01. Being Boring lyrics
02. This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave [add]
03. To Face the Truth [add]
04. How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously? [add]
05. Only the Wind [add]
06. My October Symphony lyrics
07. So Hard lyrics
08. Nervously lyrics
09. The End of the World [add]
10. Jealousy lyrics

Very (1993) 01. Can You Forgive Her? lyrics
02. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing [add]
03. Liberation lyrics
04. A Different Point of View [add]
05. Dreaming of the Queen [add]
06. Yesterday, When I Was Mad [add]
07. The Theatre [add]
08. One and One Make Five [add]
09. To Speak Is a Sin [add]
10. Young Offender [add]
11. One in a Million [add]
12. Go West lyrics

Bilingual (1996) 01. Discoteca lyrics
02. Single lyrics
03. Metamorphosis lyrics
04. Electricity [add]
05. Se a Vida ? (That's the Way Life Is) [add]
06. It Always Comes As a Surprise [add]
07. A Red Letter Day lyrics
08. Up Against It lyrics
09. The Survivors [add]
10. Before lyrics
11. To Step Aside lyrics
12. Saturday Night Forever lyrics

Nightlife (1999) 01. For Your Own Good lyrics
02. Closer to Heaven [add]
03. I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore [add]
04. Happiness Is an Option [add]
05. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk lyrics
06. Vampires lyrics
07. Radiophonic lyrics
08. The Only One lyrics
09. Boy Strange lyrics
10. In Denial lyrics
11. New York City Boy lyrics
12. Footsteps lyrics

Release (2002) 01. Home and Dry lyrics
02. I Get Along lyrics
03. Birthday Boy lyrics
04. London lyrics
05. E-Mail lyrics
06. The Samurai in Autumn [add]
07. Love Is a Catastrophe [add]
08. Here lyrics
09. The Night I Fell in Love [add]
10. You Choose lyrics

Back to Mine (2005) 01. Don't Cry Tonight [add]
02. Take a Chance [add]
03. Dirty Talk [add]
04. Passion [add]
05. Ti Sento [add]
06. Never Be Alone [add]
07. The Show Must Go On [add]
08. Stand on the Word [add]
09. I Was Born This Way [add]
10. I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love [add]
11. Traum [add]
12. Pulse Pause Repeat [add]
13. Microgravity [add]
14. Come In! (II Movement) [add]
15. Promenade Sentimentale (Sentimental Walk) [add]
16. La Baie [add]
17. Tiny [add]
18. Laura's Theme [add]
19. One Two Three No Gravity [Dettinger Mix] [add]
20. Goin' Back [add]
21. Lunz [add]
22. Sospiri Op.70 [add]
23. DD Rhodes [add]
24. Video Kid [add]
25. Movement [add]
26. At Dusk [add]
27. Melodie Opus 47 No. 3 [add]

The Battleship Potemkin (2005) 01. 'Comrades! ' [add]
02. Men and Maggots [add]
03. Our Daily Bread [add]
04. Drama in the Harbour [add]
05. Nyet [add]
06. To the Shore [add]
07. Odessa [add]
08. No Time for Tears [add]
09. To the Battleship [add]
10. After All (The Odessa Staircase) [add]
11. Stormy Meetings [add]
12. Night Falls [add]
13. Full Steam Ahead [add]
14. The Squadron [add]
15. For Freedom [add]

Fundamental (2006) 01. Psychological lyrics
02. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show [add]
03. I Made My Excuses and Left [add]
04. Minimal lyrics
05. Numb lyrics
06. God Willing [add]
07. Luna Park lyrics
08. I'm with Stupid lyrics
09. Casanova in Hell lyrics
10. Twentieth Century lyrics
11. Indefinite Leave to Remain lyrics
12. Integral lyrics

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