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Mike Ladd lyrics
Genre: Rap
Easy Listening 4 Armageddon (1997) 01. Libations [add]
02. The Tragic Mulatto Is Neither [add]
03. Kissin' Kecia [After Jayne Cortez] [add]
04. Bush League Junkie [add]
05. Padded Walls [For Mikaela] [add]
06. Back Stroke [add]
07. Blade Runner [add]
08. Maniac [add]
09. I'm Building a Bodacious Bodega for the Race War [add]
10. Off the Coast of Okrakoke [add]
11. Easy Listening for Armageddon [add]
12. Post Apocalypse Arkestra [add]

Live from Paris (2000) 01. Myster Bruce's Realbient Intro [add]
02. Bush League Junkie [add]
03. Tragic Mulatto Is Neither [add]
04. Padded Walls [add]
05. I Seen What You Said [add]
06. Praise Your Soul [add]
07. Let's Discuss Disgusting [add]
08. Anti-Conquest Reprise [add]
09. Blah Blah [add]
10. Kissing Kecia [add]
11. Tic Toc [add]

Welcome to the Afterfuture (2000) 01. 5000 Miles West of the Future [add]
02. Airwave Hysteria [add]
03. Planet 10 [add]
04. Takes More Than 41 [add]
05. Bladerunners [add]
06. No. 1 St. [add]
07. To the Moon's Contractor [add]
08. I Feel Like $100 [add]
09. The Animist [add]
10. Red Eye to Jupiter (Starship Nigga) [add]
11. Welcome to the Afterfuture [add]
12. Wipe Out on the Wave of Armageddon [add]
13. Feb. 4 '99 (For All Those Killed by Cops) [For All Killed by Cops] [add]

Nostalgialator (2004) 01. Dire Straits Plays Nuremberg [add]
02. Trouble Shot [add]
03. Housewives at Play [add]
04. Black Orientalist [add]
05. Wild out Day [add]
06. How Electricity Really Works [add]
07. Off to Mars? [add]
08. Learn to Fall [add]
09. Afrotastic [add]
10. Nostalgialator [add]
11. Sail Away Ladies [add]

Negrophilia: The Album (2005) 01. Field Work (The Ethnographer's Daughter) [add]
02. The French Dig Latinos, Too [add]
03. In Perspective [add]
04. Shake It [add]
05. Worldwide Shrinkwrap (Contact Zones) [add]
06. Back at Ya [add]
07. Appropriated Metro [add]
08. Blonde Negress [add]
09. Sam and Milli Dine Out [add]
10. Nancy and Carl Go Christmas Shopping [add]
11. Sleep Patterns of Black Expatriots Circa 1960 [add]

Father Divine (2005) 01. Apt. C2 [add]
02. Awful Raw [add]
03. Crooner Island [add]
04. Black Rambo [add]
05. Barney's Girl [add]
06. Little Red [add]
07. Water Bomb [add]
08. Ike Turner Dub [add]
09. So 'N So [add]
10. Just in Case [add]
11. Murder Girl [add]
12. The Last Sea [add]
13. Baptism [add]

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