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William Eaton lyrics
Genre: New Age
Struggle Buggy (0000) 01. Struggle Buggy [add]
02. Friends and Lovers [add]
03. Just Can't Turn Down [add]
04. Brand New Lover [add]
05. Time and Love [add]
06. Elevator to the Stars [add]
07. Conjure Woman [add]

Tracks We Leave (1989) 01. Jupiter and Sage [add]
02. White Mesa Black Mesa [add]
03. Katina's Bluff [add]
04. Edge of the Cedars [add]
05. Jasabah [add]
06. Feather Mask [add]
07. Kayenta Crossing [add]
08. Tsegi Canyon [add]
09. Shadow Gypsies [add]
10. Desert Shamrock [add]
11. In the Queen's Garden [add]
12. Muley Point Promise [add]
13. Evergreen [add]
14. Between Sacred Mountains [add]
15. Blue Mountain Blue Sky [add]
16. Tuba City Lights [add]

Wisdom Tree (1992) 01. Beginnings [add]
02. Hunter's Bow [add]
03. Winged Rhythm [add]
04. Rabbit & Coyote [add]
05. Grasshopper Point [add]
06. Seeds of Tomorrow [add]
07. The Fruiting Tree [add]
08. Water Bearer [add]
09. Mesquite Shuffle [add]
10. Canyon Voices [add]
11. Iron Horse [add]
12. Shades of One [add]
13. Holding the Wild [add]

Where Rivers Meet (1994) 01. A Bazaar of Subtle Desires [add]
02. Ascending Cloud Mountain [add]
03. Miles Between Iowas [add]
04. Falling Through Fire [add]
05. Memory's Breeze [add]
06. Where Rivers Meet [add]
07. Waking in the Dream [add]
08. Carmalita Barefoot [add]
09. Taylor's Lullabye [add]
10. If Lizards Dream [add]
11. Discovering Mathamatics [add]
12. Matamba and Kayjeeya [add]
13. Oracle Pool [add]
14. Midsummer Night Fever [add]

Naked in Eureka (1997) 01. Naked in Eureka [add]
02. Pollen Dance [add]
03. A Stone's Throw [add]
04. Far East Mid West [add]
05. Discovering Fire [add]
06. Cavern of the Wind Spirit [add]
07. Longing for Kali [add]
08. Toltecs on the Balcony [add]
09. San Juan Wedding [add]
10. Diamond in the Sky [add]
11. Tansen's Waltz [add]
12. The Fire Within [add]

Sparks and Embers (2004) 01. Falcon's Flight [add]
02. Sonorian Shuffle [add]
03. Earth Speak [add]
04. Moonlight Dance [add]
05. Claiming Infinity [add]
06. Winter Sun March [add]
07. Breathing Clay [add]
08. Native Ground [add]
09. Dancing on the Wind [add]
10. Wild Life [add]
11. Martha's Wild Adventure [add]
12. Spiral Slide [add]
13. Big Traffic [add]
14. Racing Moon Shadows [add]
15. Cameron Wind [add]
16. Caverns of the Deep [add]
17. Wild Flower Waltz [add]
18. In the Garden [add]
19. Taking in the Light [add]
20. Soaring [add]
21. Ten Suns [add]
22. Dream Garden Lullabye [add]
23. Meadowland Green [add]
24. Forever in Our Hearts [add]
25. Bed of Rivers Deep [add]
26. Earth Pulse [add]
27. Backing into Eternity [add]

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